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A Full VIP Tour Of The 2019 LA Auto Show!

Main A Full VIP Tour Of The 2019 LA Auto Show!

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    Can’t get to the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show? Here’s a laser focused full tour of all the important cars, SUVs, concepts and electric vehicles that were unveiled …

    Nathan Johnson

    The Alfa Tonale (toh-nah-lay) has got my heart. Che bella!

    Patrick Honar

    Why not change the title to " LA AUTO SHOW , I ONLY LOVE ELECTRIC CAR "


    the Corvette looks a lot like a Lambo

    Bernard Meyers

    Sorry about the G90! Nuts. Great review.

    Steve Wang

    It looks like this Audi e-Tron Quattro has 3 different paint surfaces. The top one is smooth. The one below that is smooth with reflective flakes. And, the bottom one is uneven. 5:57

    Francisco Sterling

    Excellent work


    best coverage of the LA show by far, thanks

    Michael Gentry

    If the Volkswagen id space vision was designed in Germany, it will work in a Minnesota winter. Germany is colder.

    Michael Hovsep

    Nice video

    Guda Lawrence

    Fantastic job Tom πŸ™πŸ™βœŒοΈ

    Spagbowls & parma cheese

    It's "Tonal-eh"… Not Tonal…

    Kel R

    Are you literally just going to keep harassing your listeners every two seconds about subscribing? It happens organically, just do your job to the best of your ability. I'm already subbed and I come back for each new one I don't want to keep hearing you begging begging for something that's going to happen on its own. If Googles algorithm wants you to get a bigger audience it would and in turn you'd have more people to beg at the "end" of a video. Keep up the informative showπŸ‘

    Beauty by Crisha



    Ugh not excited about all the electric car stuff. Like my normal gas engine cars.
    Thanks for covering the non electrics too!

    Justin Xu

    RAV4 PRIME 302 HORSEPOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    14:20 Finally a car company that's thinking, not following. Mini gas motor driving generator, small battery and electric drive motor. Now if Infiniti can fix their car names.


    Well done tom. I like the rs6 Avant too, but can't front the bill, oh well, maybe Subaru will bring us the levorg to quell my under $35k turbo wagon thirt. How will the Stelvio benefit the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the near future? BTW, the mach-e is a doa imo, shame, shame on Ford.

    MN saint

    I've heard conflicting reports that the Mazda CX-30 will be replacing the CX-3. Right now, they're both listed on Mazda's website. Tom, are you sure the CX-3 is going away? You are the man so I'll believe whatever you tell me!


    It is not pronounced β€œ tone-al” it is pronounced β€œ to-nal-lay” named after another famous Italian mountain pass. Just like β€œ Stel- vi-o” πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    Freud Hamalia

    I wanted to sub, but comparing art museums with auto shows…..


    Awesome tour of the show

    Scott Carlon

    Only a democrat would ask for something without delivering anything.

    Silent Refusal

    That Sentra/Versa gig definitely got me. πŸ˜†


    great content thank you

    Tony Wellington

    DONT understand these ridiculous 0-60 times – is it fun to drive a car thats that fast?

    Daniel Gross

    Hey Tom! Great recap of the LA Auto Show. By far the best show recap on YouTube. Looking forward to seeing some of the new models at the Phoenix Auto Show next weekend. And happy Thanksgiving!

    Peter Francis

    Epic show.

    Thanks Tom

    Ethan T

    I went today and I highly suggest everyone to go!

    Dan Jones

    You should have more subscribers than you do..

    Ian M

    I’m disappointed! No Cadillac! Still – I know this was hard work, and I commend you for that.

    David Wolf

    Tom, I'd like to thank you for a wonderfully comprehensive look at the 2019 LA Auto Show. The time and effort you put into this are outstanding.

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