Monday, March 27, 2023

A Tire Dressing I Love – Everyone Can Find At Walmart!

Main A Tire Dressing I Love – Everyone Can Find At Walmart!

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    Toxic SkillzZz

    Awesome I saw another video with the red corvette and Lanon so I had to click it haha 😂

    Rafael Reyes

    It’s ok vrp is way better in my opinion. Awesome job on the car

    Spy See Sauce

    Would you elaborate on the one step aggressive correction? Thanks 🙏🏻

    Steven Versa

    VRP is my preferred tire dressing


    I like Cover All. I will for sure check out this product.


    303 Aerospace protectant and even Sonax BSD for me. Nice matt finish that lasts several weeks.


    I’ll try it..thanks, guys !

    Steve Gamez

    Hello Scott I like this video on chem guys tire dressing 👍 I have a question on car wash soap this one I’ve heard about it’s called Gyeson 02 car wash soap not sure if you have ? and what would be your thoughts on it or do a video of it on its cleaning power on road grime and such I know you have seen and tried most of wash products but I’m curious as to how this one truly cleans also I know it could be rather expensive not sure if it’s really profitable to buy not that I can afford it but I would like your opinion if you ever get a chance to do a video on it thanks Scott 👍

    Joe Luis

    This one is good; however the best one I used so far was Meguiars Endurance Gel, lasts long


    I use this as well Scott. My wife just said, holy crap vin this guys sounds like Howard Stern


    Scott you are late to the party cq sells bucket kits at walmart

    Georgianne Gooday

    You should try Jay Leno’s tire shine! Water based and the best.

    Roy Ramdeen

    Scott just by looking at your vlogs, and detailing reviews, I have started using Chemical guys line of products and very happy with the outcome, very well priced, and not a ripoff as compared to that other very expensive black bottle. Thanks for the great information..

    Silver Grizzly

    AutoGlym : Plastic & Trim (rubber) conditioner.


    Are you trying to convince us that YOU actually did some work with all that "we" crap? All I see you doing is running your long tongue, as usual. Kudo's to Landon, the REAL WORKER!

    Butter Bean

    hm that's funny back in the 70`s I got my drugs from the chemical guys!

    David Bugea

    I’ll have to try it. I’m sure it’s better than what I used as a teen…Mop and Glo!

    No Brakes

    Silk Shine is good stuff. Its great for interior panels, dash, etc. It looks nice on tires, but doesnt last more than 1-2 days. Turtle Wax Tire Shine is also very good. Its thicker than CGs Silk Shine, gives a nice deep shine thats not too glossy and it lasts longer.

    Christian Hernandez

    Their Tire Kicker is also amazing!

    Rod Graff

    I never understood tire dressing. I think it looks tacky, and it can’t be good for the rubber. 303 is as far as I’ll go with tires.

    Jeremy Senko

    Tire kicker is awesome too. That's the one that they have at my Walmart. Also for trim try out the aerosol factory finish trim coating.

    Scott Weaver

    I’ve been using silk shine for years! Great satin finish, doesn’t sling, and inexpensive.


    Good stuff. VRP is what I have remaining, will be trying other brands when I run out.

    Brian J

    I need to try it
    I bought the wrong one damm it


    6 hour one step and coating? Wow thats fast if you did the inside as well. I guess Thats the plus with having two people 😎 you one tired puppy

    R King

    We love you Scott.


    Scott, It is water based and a good product to use between washes, OK what am I missing. I was led to believe that silicone products are the ONLY one's that actually work to protect and preserve the integrity of the tire from sun damage. What's up?

    Dave S



    So quick question. On a consumer level. Why this over cover all?


    I’ve been using that dressing for a while. I like how it’s not too shiny. Just make the tires look new.

    Anita Martini

    I know you wouldn’t use this on a car like that but how do you feel about furniture polish?


    Cut VRP 1;1 now you have a sprayable dressing and you double the product


    I love Chemical Guys products very much, I find that they achieve great results!.


    Where is the link to Wal Mart?


    I use Adam's Tire Shine. A bit expensive and pretty good but I live out in the country so I have to apply it everytime I wash my car. After 1 weeks there is already some fading and by 2 weeks it's not really there anymore. I'll give this one a try after I use up the Adam's one.

    Tyler Strickland

    I like cgs tire kickers it lasts a pretty good while for a water based dressing and dries fast. You can do alot of vehicles with 1 bottle. I think it lasts longer that silk shine dressing.

    showgirls around the world a dancer family

    I like shiny tires or why bother doing it


    ok Scott, please please advise…i have just had my car fully detailed with G-techniq crystal serum 9 year protection, on travelling home i have accrued bugs and guts all over windscreen and front bumper, what is the best way to get this off as pretty much, the rest of the car is fine….do i clean the entire outside of the car, or just the effected bits, and what shall i use to get the bug guts off. i do have Koch Chemie APC, was thinking of spraying that on the areas, then snow foam pre wash followed by a hands on wash? but wondered if i needed to use a clay mitt on the glass, will it rub off the coating on the glass? all help is appreciated thank you .

    d.i.y crew

    The silk shine also works wonders in the engine bay for plastic parts . Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us scott.

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