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AC Compressor Install Access How To Infinity Q50S briansmobile1

Main AC Compressor Install Access How To Infinity Q50S briansmobile1

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    Lexus Q50 turbo or not with the 3.7 AC compressor replacement is easy when you know what to expect & have the tools for it. Impact gun used …


    scrapmetal100 asks…. "How did you turn the compressor on, then? jumper wire?"

    Dang! I left that out- I moved the center with a pencil and it caught enough to twitch with the AC on and engine running (high risk- NO-NO). All the friction material was gone from the bearing being so loose and wobble/dragging on it. It was like when someone rides the clutch on a manual transmission and there's constant slippage-contact. Couldn't get my fat hands in to jump it & the computer wouldn't talk to the HVAC part of the body computer (because infinity). Thanks for asking!

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video Brian

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    That cave is huge

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Pretty neet bonus footage

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Us General guage set

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Lmfao omg this video is one of the best love the commentary and jokes and laughing

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Not me I dont drink liquid courage for bolts lmfao

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    That's one pricey compressor and clutch

    Jeremy Anthony

    where's spanky to help you when you need her the?

    Cody Pierson

    Always good information. I like the little "extra" your trying to add. A little "you" is ok. Don't throw an on the back burner always.

    Bruce No ya

    Pizza? Oh, I thought it was the caffeine.

    S Paul

    Hey Brian, don't concern yourself with what other's think about your presentation. I watch your repairs for a number of reasons, two of which are your authenticity & calm demeanor. I have done my share of home & automotive repairs & I struggle with patients and a bad temper.
    I like your authenticity. Stay true to yourself. 
    Being a phony takes too much energy.
    Peace man.

    William Shanasy

    Wow your voice has gone from monotone to duotone, congratulations…. love your videos but not in a broke back mountain kinda way, keep up the good work and thank you for it

    alan stepp

    All that and he could have lifted the car 😐


    how you held that compressor with one hand, while filming and talking and screwing in the bolt with two fingers….i have no clue. youre a god among us. i swear. Love your content. You make it so simple.


    "Why didnt you replace just the clutch?" well jee IDK why dont i just replace the clutch on my car instead of getting a new flywheel and pressure plate everytime. BECAUSE ITS JUST THE WAY TO DO IT.

    Dumb Ass

    Bfate. Is some great therapy and a way to find inter peace

    Jeremy Anthony

    Love your videos man

    Jeremy Anthony

    How much was that complete job if I may ask?

    konstantinus Stoyanov

    You are awesome, thank you


    Keith Fenner ftw!

    Windycity StevO

    BATMAN!!!!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👀Great Vid Brian 👍 Have a great day sir


    How did you turn the compressor on, then? jumper wire?


    Infiniti. Yeah, they’re not the best to work on.. I just got done doing some work on cuts and now I’m sore as f$&@

    Wally Friend

    Brian, I like your voice. There’s a calming quality to it. No matter what you sound like, there’s always someone who will complain.

    blackwaltz13 13

    stop it brian the kids brian the kids


    took to a shop to evacuate it right? right? lol
    Dude your voice is fine and fun to listen to. Viktor needs to put some pizzaz in his anus.
    Man I can't believe you do all this stuff with one hand with holding the camera too, I don't think people appreciate this enough. Good advice on having your mind right.

    Bill Bly

    Great job thank you for your videos


    This video needed more Ashley

    Billy Yoder

    Thank you Brian. Good job. Have a blessed and safe week.

    walter xyz643

    Brian what do you think about getting a clock-spring from junkyard.


    Mechanical walkthrough + life advice + entertainment = why your channel is my all time favorite. Monotone or no you are inspirational. Thank you Brian!

    The adventures of Javier 86

    B, you need a better flashlight…cave exploration with bats…intense!

    Paul Smith

    You stuck your hose where?

    Sir Sweetness

    Most of time compressor is so old just not worth just changing clutch. They are hard to find and $60 ish dollars. Just put that towards a new Denso compressor and new refrigerant and vacuumed out of moisture. Less time in most cases also as getting to front of compressors you have to take it out anyway.

    The adventures of Javier 86

    Brian, tell us how you really feel 😠😠
    I agree 100% about replacing the clutch only..
    You da man B

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