Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Add Color Night Vision To Your Car! Lanmodo Night Vision Safe Driving Assistant Reviewed

Main Add Color Night Vision To Your Car! Lanmodo Night Vision Safe Driving Assistant Reviewed

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    The Lanmodo Night Vision system can be found at Amazon or the Lanmodo site …

    jean-louis lonne

    Thanks, Tom, It was great seeing your ELR at night, such a beautiful car, oh and the night vision thing was also interesting.

    Craig Smith

    Nice video. Cool tech.

    Jeff Sawyer

    Thanks Tom. We could use one in The Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Moose…

    Jesse James

    I like that night vision setup! Great review Tom, I think you hit just the right amount of depth.

    Mrchevy baja

    was it easy to install? I have a volt too 🙂


    Great review!


    Very impressive. Acutally this is my first time seeing night vision in color.


    Nice tech


    Awesome Tom! I want one now


    Great review Tom. I particularly appreciated the PiP.

    Have you considered reviewing the OpenPilot system?

    Stephen Hendricks

    Well, I never…Tom doing an "unboxing" video…Trendy as hell. 🙂 Pretty damn impressive gadget.

    Rouge 1972


    Matthew Longtin

    So why can't this technology be used for security cameras? It seems those cameras are typically monochromatic and have terrible resolution. This is a great review, very comprehensive.

    NEO O

    They need to integrate all of this into functional Heads Up Displays I don't know whats taking car makers so long to figure this out

    Phil Chao

    good idea.. another screen to distract you from WATCHING THE ROAD..


    Very "Silence of the Lambs."

    Timothy Morrison

    You should share this with AARP! Great for seniors.

    Lawrence Camera

    Love the ELR. You should do an owner review

    Dr. Skillz

    That's a pretty impressive unit, Tom. Thanks for sharing.

    Martin Ventura

    Please, what make, year, and model car are you driving in this video, it’s intriguing, but I can’t make it out, ironically, in the dark? Thanks.

    Sean tuggle

    Could be useful

    White Mail Privilege

    Night vision trees look like broccoli 🥦

    Rick James

    wish the frame rate and resolution were better. 60 fps or higher.

    Rick James

    first lol jk. Can he be my dad

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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