Tuesday, March 21, 2023

After Over a Year, Our Shop Was FINALLY Approved!

Main After Over a Year, Our Shop Was FINALLY Approved!

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    Rob Bain

    Great news guys. I look forward to watching in the future

    Deadspool Black venom

    Brent sounded like the joker when he was laughing at the end 😂 fucking loved it congrats you guys

    Christopher Lovett

    Most awesome you guys congratulations on the boosted compound!


    Mad props on the Mr2 had a love for ages and they look so good when cleaned up

    max train

    Why not call it “boosted base” it sounds better


    Camp Boosted

    El blue Srt4

    Move to Florida!!!!

    itsjr jr

    Will you guys be offering k20/k24 mr2 swap packages? I been looking into making a mr2 k20 swap


    cleetus and the boys at the freedom factory.. under one big roof..

    dylan davis

    thinking about the stuff that was put on hold makes me think of the videos last year when panchi was around.

    Azhar Abrahams

    Where's the Hondaru tho???

    Some Kiwi

    I’m so glad you put Brents reaction in there 😂

    Ralph Alvarez

    This is so aswome I'm so so happy for u guys u guys deserve it man God bless to all

    Nunster’s Place

    reminds me of when i was in high school. did anyone else notice the upstairs windows was covered with aluminum foil? Is that how they are affording that shop and acting so stupid?

    steven myers

    Emilio is Legend

    David Alexander

    Were is Roman and the grinch

    Ace Steel

    Hell yeah bro.. Boosted Compound boiz lmao Super Exciting bro, Awesome news.. Great video bro

    K A H M’S performance

    Right on congrats guys

    D-Werkz T.V.

    Congrats guys!! And just an idea, if you have an operation in Florida you’re gonna need another dyno😂 we need Brent in the tuning world on the east coast!

    al currie

    To bad your moving to the freedom factory soon eh buds? Hahaha



    Tawny Gahu

    Coined the term: Boosted Compound. I'm pumped to see you guys and Cleetus getting crazy exciting news.

    Max Baysinger

    B-O-O-S-T-E-D-B-O-I-Z on the bay doors now???

    Noah Martin

    Take the buggy to Florida and j swap cletus pace car have a build off with the 2

    Francois Caudwell

    Ooo that outro


    You guys should setup a livestream camera in the busiest part of the shop all day. W/ donation button


    You guys inspired me to work on my stuff and give me enjoyment

    Christopher Bassell

    Great news guys!! Keep up the great work!!! Happy for ya!! Hell ya brother!!!

    Jose Calderon

    Congrats to all of you now you guys can make a big pfi speed and boostedboiz sign for the official shop

    Brad Oakley

    Start building and tuning snowmobiles

    Carson Rasnic

    Don’t think I even have to say it but I’m going to – KEEP THE INTRO!! Makes me feel like I’m sitting in my room still living with my parents eating a bowl of cereal about to watch Kyle beat on the hatch on some street races back in the day.

    eric Rotermund

    You guys should consider running one part of your enterprise through Florida base for tax purposes (income tax )
    Work a deal with Cleatus get an office
    And use the track for tuning road cars for pro race teams and all your normal antics.
    video production division?
    Vertical vertical integration?
    The ability to operate at opposite ends of the country will extent your reach and audience.
    Congrats on breaking thought the government clutter. Scariest words in the English language I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

    Nabil Mougharbel

    You guys can put containers around the shop for the sound to rebound and reduce sound

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