Thursday, March 23, 2023

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    It’s another Friday live stream! For AoA stickers, just send a self-addressed, postage paid envelope to: DykLaine, LLC Alex On Autos PO Box 573 Redwood …

    Blake Swan

    I like these live chats better than the reviews only because Alex is so,smart that I love to hear his thoughts without him worrying about anything the manufacturer he is reviewing.

    Ryan Gilbert

    2020 Soul EV vs Niro EV.. car seats, passengers, whats changed from previous gen in regards to space. I have a feeling the soul EV is going to have big changes from last gen on interior dimensions.

    Sebastien Place

    Hi Alex. Would you take the new Volvo S60 T6 over the Audi A5 Sportback?


    Glad Alex addressed issue about resale value..lot of people get hung up on it when in most cases it doesn’t matter esp when keeping cars long term. That is never a factor to me when buying a vehicle. I buy based on what I like and need – not because it has great resale value! Other thing irks me is when people get so high on resale value then just get shut down when they trade in as dealer lowballs the value all the time regardless if it’s a Honda or Toyota…only way to get most is via private sale.

    E J

    I love how you take the time to explain the concept of a SASE to all of the millennials who never learned the basics of “snail mail.” 😊

    Dominic Fong

    Alex is trying to demonstrate to us that coconut milk causes throat irritations.

    N Pooch

    T-shirt idea? Goes back a ways, but I'd like to see the logo for the exclusive Trunk Comfort Index on a shirt…

    Shlomo 666D Chess Sheckleberg

    Do more of this to get more content out. Since you say your not paid by auto co can you do lists of where final assembly, engine and transmission. Country/factory is. Some of us do not want to support Mexico or Canada!

    Michael Francis

    Isn't it important if you will be buying at the end of the lease

    Abdulmajeed Elshawa

    Hey Alex, great channel and great reviews. Any chance that u could publish a spreadsheet or something similar that contains all your ratings for the cars you reviewed to make it easier for us to filter these results when looking for specific ratings. That would make it way easier to narrow down possible choices based on what is most important to us. Much appreciated.

    Abdulmajeed Elshawa

    Well done!

    Andre LOFANO

    What would you buy between Mazda CX-5 2019 vs Rav4 2019 ???

    Yasen Angelov

    I like both TFL and AoA. I appreciate their take and views on cars. What I really like about AoA is that he gives good information and provides honest comparison berween brands. I also appreciate that he reviews main stream cars. I have been a gear head for years, but I have realized that the expensive and exotic brands are unatainable dream for me or sinply fo not make sense. I stopped folowing Motor Trend for that reason. TFL is very goid as well. They complement each other.

    Raymond Fitzsimmons

    @AlexonAutos, I have been very disappointed in various voice activation systems I.e. Ford, Toyota, VW. Is there any way you can include a review of the VA system in your reviews?


    Lol why is there a float valve in the background


    Is there any chance the new Mazda 3 will get a Toyota hybrid drivetrain at some point in time?


    a cat named Beatrix 🙂

    Clipps since 7th

    Great show. I value your opinion on enjoy how deep you get into reviews and this show. You should definitely start a podcast. Two hours is a bit long for YouTube but not for a podcast. Thanks for all the info you give us. I especially like the 3rd row leg room info. I'm 6'2. So know I know how important the 3rd row legroom is.


    This Stream puts TFL streams to utter shame


    @Alex on Autos
    CVTs might be here to stay, but most consumers do NOT like them nor want them.
    The companies that stick with tried and true decent traditional geared auto transmissions will be the winners in the future. Mfr's need to stop forcing the issue.


    I don’t know who to look at! U or Satan!

    Devin Biro

    My Google Pay opened when you said "Google pays us"


    @Alex on Autos
    Do more collaboration videos with guys like Redline Reviews
    NIXIE Tube Clock! Nice!

    B Mntro

    Can the titan be saved?????

    YouTube Editor

    I assume he was a plumber before he started a YouTube channel

    YouTube Editor


    Pauline Weinberger

    What time zone are you streaming from?

    The Adventure Mazda

    Where'd you get that instant subscriber counter, and how exactly does it work?

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