Monday, March 20, 2023

ALL-Carbon Body '70 Dodge Charger – 950hp worth of Carbon Fiber Madness!

Main ALL-Carbon Body '70 Dodge Charger – 950hp worth of Carbon Fiber Madness!

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    What does it take to make a BIG muscle car like the ’70 Dodge Charger handle? Try dropping around 900lbs. Getting that much weight loss ain’t easy without …

    Hoonigan Project Cars

    What chassis / car would you want to build in all carbon?

    Kevin S

    One of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen and this is coming from a guy that HATES muscle cars, the seems are so fucking perfect

    Aki Afemui

    im a 69 camaro guy. dont like long body cars


    2 different cameras used, one was a pro other was done by a golden retriever. WTF

    Keegan G

    "I want a '70 Dodge charger but I don't want any of the feel and soul of one"

    Sick Oakley shades bro

    Stop interrupting him

    PT- R

    Coolest car I’ve ever seen


    Just a nasty beast cleaned up with a fresh outfit 🔥🔥

    chris rowe

    This is one of the best videos on this car

    Billy Ray

    Gtr is tig weld

    David Bell

    Good stuff… creepy good stuff!

    Brent Russ


    Jesse T

    Please get drifts n lifts in

    Jacob Ball

    He keeps saying “ugly” and “made it look better”. I don’t like that.

    Wayland C

    Million dollar car. (minimum)

    bestclass thx

    Who saw this car in the donut channel

    Noah Rairdon

    “Don’t want to put too much carbon” LOL!😂

    Beaudoin Motorsports

    If you suffer from E.D. just watch this.

    Tyrique Gill

    Vin diesel would be proud
    love from Trinidad and Tobago


    Now he needs to burn a set of tires off in the burn yard.

    Cake Dom

    I believe this car was said to be $650,000? Lmk if anyone knows exact

    Ali Papes

    I Love it with all my heart. Pure beauty at it's finest, Corbin fiber is the shit!

    Sir FarSide

    Without a doubt, the most over the top Dodge Charger ever done. Well Done…!

    J Films

    Donut had it first



    Jerry Inman

    ultimate dream car omg!

    ruben mendiola

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful.

    Scott Thomas

    I got to tour SpeedKore about a month ago. MY GAWD! That place is nothing short than AMAZING!

    Legion Red

    Ok, now a Mustang, and a Camaro. Complete the trifecta.


    All I can say is WOWWW! mind blowing machine :-}

    Jesus Casillas

    Finally a real car

    CMDR Boom

    Having worked with all those materials and recently transitioning to aerospace-grade stainless, etc., not only is this a real beauty but it MUST have cost a fortune. Worth it!

    Colten Gehner

    Hell yes

    Bob Ramirez

    Yes! Burnouts! Burnyard! #killalltires wish I could burn some rubber😉

    Jack Tubbs

    Rip bonus channel

    Khb 888

    Stop posting car porn

    Dyneema Garage

    I like the carbon and composite stuff because you can bring back old cars and make them modern up to date to today’s new cars and if you are really good at it you can also make your own concept car from scratch


    A true modern day craftsman, brilliant, I'm 63 and I have 3 Chargers, this one is an old man's dream come true, what the future holds. wish I was 20

    Panos WD

    -Do you want carbon fiber?
    Dave Salvaggio: ALL

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