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ALL the Differences between MK4 & MK5 Supra!

Main ALL the Differences between MK4 & MK5 Supra!

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    Today we break down all the similarities and differences between the 1993 and 2020 Toyota Supra! You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of …


    MK4 all day everyday

    nick kara

    Song at the end is Darko- Paradise.


    Well said TJ! They are both amazing cars!

    naku pu yt

    Make a video with rx7 teej i miss that car so much 💞

    King LLama

    One is a Toyota the other is a bmw

    Druw Vargo

    The rear ends look similar kinda too

    Christian Bruno

    ones a Toyota and the other is a BMW

    Coolio Foolio

    I thought bmw Motor are ass?

    Chris Johnsen

    I think it’s cool but… way too expensive. Normal ppl can’t afford a $60,000 fun car very comfortably

    r gs

    i know ima get roasted for this but i prefer the looks of the MK5 supra over the MK4 :/ it looks just like something outta this world all it needs is a manual

    Snowball Rsx

    Okay. So one is a bmw. One is a Toyota simple

    Adamz Gaming

    You know dde is going to 1jz the 2020 supra and do a turbo kit loser

    FAB Casso

    So to get things fixed are you payin bmw services or Toyota?


    Easy. One is a legend the other isnt a supra.


    MK 5 just feels like Toyota cheaped out

    Nehemiah Richardson

    Wait so who won the 240


    I think they should of remade the 2j in the new car


    im trying to like the new supra but something just isnt letting me idk what it is.


    Should this not be differences between supra MK4 and BMW z4

    Bobby Tran

    I’m a Toyota fan, my whole family drives Toyota and I actually own an IS. I LOVE the new MKV and as much as it would’ve been awesome to see a Toyota developed inline 6, realistically it would’ve been too expensive and I’m happy they went with the BMW engine and made it more reliable too.

    – Mr. Roobert –

    Next Supra is gonna have a mid engine like the C8. Just wait for it

    West Coast GTR

    Don’t ever disrespect the s2000 with this trash wanna be supra aka Z4


    MK5 Supra B58 engine complete tear down… Just amazing!

    Saidin Pillay

    They should have made a 3jz

    Ty a

    N55/N54? Nah n54 only

    D.J. Valentine

    (ALL the Differences between MK4 & BMW!) should have been the real name of this video

    sheldon white

    BMW have super

    Brayden Mowery

    8:40 so many people need to hear this


    All the 2020 supras are either owned by famous car youtubers or mod companies. This shows how the 2020 supra is a disappointment


    wrap the mirror that F*** red lol


    The difference is?:

    TOYOTA Supra vs BMW Supra…..

    ColferGTi GamingTV

    Bro love the mk5 I think its a got a veyron look to the front but I'm old skool so mk4 wins me over hands down all the time, but still wicked non the less ✌😎


    damn both beautiful cars man

    Mk7 R

    Love how the mk5 looks !! Idc what anyone else has to say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would’ve just much rather have seen a Toyota/Audi collab 🔥🔥 I’m sure the Supra would’ve came out much more powerful and better interior 😛


    One is a BMW. One is a Supra

    Tyler Smith

    Tj you explained the mkv exactly how it is and the reaction in the car scene to it is sad but the same as the mkiv and look at it now. TJ you are a awesome YouTuber and a inspiration to all keep chasing your dreams because you are helping many others to get the motivation to do there dreams


    The MK5 isn't exactly what I wanted, but I do not dislike it at all. That being said I hope you wrap those heinous side mirrors. What fuckin idiot thought that was a cool move?


    I'm sure there are still people who would cry if Toyota put 2JZ's in the MK5 Supra. My only issue with the MK5 Supra engine is that like most new cars, there's a lot of plastic covers, whereas for me it's hard to beat a 2J/RB engine with nice shiny parts and no plastic covers.

    George Hill

    I do actually really like the mk5 supra dispite it sharing a lot from from the bmw Z4. But the only thing I can't over look is the front. If it where 3 or 4 inches longer, with the front wheels also being brought forward it'd be perfect. As it is it just looks too much like a hair dressers car.

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