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    rented side by sides and went full send. it was the time of my life! to bad we broke them… Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    lil skeet

    Yeah right Adam would of been paying that shit. Who slams on breaks while you know someone is ripping behind you.

    Pharaoh on LFS

    "and of course I want your well being to be… OU LOOK COWS" hahaha

    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Power couple of YouTube,
    You have taken over from my previous power couple that split and became weird,

    Seriously Courtney is a legend and damn straight you should be treating her,

    Always give a day to the loved ones because they will be there when the subscribers have moved on man,
    You’re one lucky guy

    noah JohnsTM

    we wanna see more of lady rudnik


    Ruddy better mover to Colorado in 5 years

    Jason Petrich

    Welcome to the dirt club dude!!!!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ if you get one, get one that's lifted, better tires,and some wheel spacers or wider axles to help with keeping it rubber side down, you will need it!!!!!

    David Mackieson

    Anyone see jack if not it's cause he was faster than all of them with a 100hp lol

    David Mackieson

    As soon as he says we're in Mexico even I know he's full of shit


    Oh you guys ate at biggies? Mmmmmmm so gooood.

    James Dean

    I need me a Courtney my girlfriend suck

    Alley Builds

    i love how you the intro of the video you call motionautoTV "Tyler" and by the end you call him "Trevor"

    Vicious Ballz

    You guys look like you're huffin air duster in the car lmao

    Zack Kelly

    Pop the gas pedal when you get to where you are just about to hit the top of a jump and it'll stop lunging forward. The motor decels too much before a jump and launches you forward because of the weight shifting.

    Cameron k

    Tyler or Trevor??


    Epic collab honestly these videos are fire!

    BiG Cheese

    16:22 Sausage fest confirmed.

    BiG Cheese

    15:33 rudnik lookin like palpatine from star wars πŸ˜‚

    CAR MAC 1

    That was Cool .Nice place πŸ‘


    you hjit the oxygen like a god damn blunt lmfao

    Apple capital ricer

    Ruddy hitting that oxygen like a blunt 🀣 🀣


    Gross how nose heavy those machines are


    That's a rzr 800s not a 900 I can tell by the sound


    Those are weed inhalers


    Next video "spent 20,000 on a side by side its junk

    Hunter Atkinson

    If you do buy a side by side, do yourself a favor and get a Honda instead of a Polaris. Polaris was the worst tab decision I’ve ever made. Will never go away from a Honda


    Lol…. rentals… fckin noobs. Buy that shit, i wipe ma ass with hundred dolla bills nieggaaa

    free wolf

    Hey i just saw a comment on scotty cranmer chanel, do u still watch him

    raphael gauthier

    "Doo i hold it in" i dont feel anything πŸ˜… really chris.. its oxygen πŸ’‘πŸ˜‚


    one of my favorites videos so far


    Why are all your titles lately so depressing you sad fuck

    Mr. Christopher

    Chris do I hold it in Rudnik


    "Cuse they'll snap, and I dont want to look like an asshole on youtube" , you are my spirit animal lmao

    Deezy Jay

    Awesum vid for mrs is jus the best mine would a bailed the first few bumps n sed yor on ya own

    big g wizz

    Sausage fest in that steam room

    Gringa 978

    That double inhale πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#smokersknow

    Josh B

    Going to be picking and blowing out mud buggers for a week..

    Tim Norton

    this video gave me anxiety

    Bartow Santa

    Man, the BoostedBoiz are in all the cool videos these last couple of weeks.

    Meh Gusta

    the belts dont snap for nothing on rzr lol the belt snapped cause you were raging it in high gear too long. theyre notorious for that

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