Saturday, March 25, 2023

AMG G63 vs Bentley Bentayga Speed & Porsche Cayenne Turbo – TUG OF WAR!

Main AMG G63 vs Bentley Bentayga Speed & Porsche Cayenne Turbo – TUG OF WAR!

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    Mat’s brought together an AMG G63, a Bentley Bentayga Speed & a Porsche Cayenne Turbo for his latest video… So what’s the next logical step? To have a tug …

    harry singh

    On road
    Not at r grass


    This Mercedes G beast will always be the best!


    What's the advantage of locking all three differentials?

    Elijah Haring

    no grass was destroyed during the making of this video


    Matt weighs 2.5 tonnes?!

    Kastrijot Gegic

    Make a drag M5 competition vs RS6 vs E63 S

    Врр 001
    Sukhayl Niyazov

    Mat Watson, where's your Mercedes G63?

    Gabriele Zanni

    Where is the rangerover?

    Rock girl

    Want to see this vs the touareg v10 and the diesel v12 audi q7

    Tomot Underground


    Lee XEevo

    What about a tank?

    Malibongwe Zitshu

    Awesome @carwow, Mat please try Audi Q8 next time I feel rushed already by the thought.

    RQ _808

    I never knew a Bentley was faster than a Lamborghini huracan lol


    I was hoping to see a 2 vs 1 but

    Herman Johnson

    You didn't use low range. But diff lock is basically high range.


    I love the way you same “Comeon”

    Keresztény Iszlám

    AMG G63 vs Tank

    vishal khade

    Make videos on Cadillac escalade

    vishal khade

    Very nice… Make more videos like this

    Best Roof

    no one but the TUG wins!!!

    Alexander Nevsky

    This is just a tires test, honestly.


    You guys literally almost blew the engines in these cars.

    William Switzer

    I cannot wait for the Cayenne to utterly destroy both on tarmac. With the strap dead center for all.

    Pedro Santos

    I wasn't expecting for Bentley to hold up just like that! Great vid

    Adrianspwn Ady

    Next time use the G65 v12 the Bentley also got a v12


    G63 or Cayenne Turbo S Hybrid? For everyday and curved roads driving with mild off road


    Put the Range Rover SDV8 in this test, it has 2 diff locks and a low range just like the G-wagon

    The Singh Rev

    2:42 matt is like a kid at a candy shop

    mosa mosa

    You shouldn't use the diff lock on the Merc to even the scale and see what happens 😱


    When the vehicles you're testing are so expensive and competing against one another it is fair to use all the cars features even if that means the other car does not have it as at this price range it should have every feature imaginable.

    Naseem Sharif

    Why on grass? the wheels can't grip

    Gurjeevan Sokhal

    Do something with your g wagon and the American 3.5 litre v6 Ford f150 raptor 2019 please.


    If the guy driving the bentley hadn't feathered the throttle and kept it on the floor, it might have been a different story.

    All Videos

    Them clickbaits

    Singh is king

    Okay .. how about AMG G63 vs Toyota Land Cruiser?

    Tomáš Barbierik

    Come one Carwow, after so many tug of war episodes you still didn't get it?
    It's the weight of the car which is (almost) the only diciding factor! (Tyre grip and number of wheels are second, but weight is by far the number one factor!)
    My advice for a nice video is: put 2 tons of weight onto any pickup (Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok,…) and your Merc G will have absolutely no chance! (It is clear to me, that with a 2000 kg of weight any pickup will be overloaded, but for this short test it should be fine. The only factor has to be the weight difference between the 2 cars. The bigger the difference the better).
    Try it and you'll see!
    P.S. It would be more entertaining to put 2,5 tons into a Suzuki Jimmy! 🙂 But poor Jimmy. I doubt it would survive this without any permanent damage. (2,5 tons because I would recommend a weight difference of 1 ton between the 2 cars)…

    Tomasz Klisz

    Should be Rolls Bently and G

    Mohamad Al Yousuf

    as far as I remember engaging the diff locks automatically puts the g wagon in low range gearing. Ill have to confirm

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