Thursday, March 23, 2023

An Airplane at Cars and Coffee

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    Take a Trip with us to Cars and Coffee in Nashville… someone drove in an airplane! If a BleepinJeep video has ever helped you consider returning the favor by: …

    christian hawthorne

    They were just early for “planes and pizza”


    What that is, it's a muffler bearing off a 1972 jeep

    Braeden Plath

    Rotary engine piston technicaly


    Shit you'd ONLY hear coming from a JK owner: "Oh I just drove mine in the rain.."
    That must really suck… getting rain water on your offroad beast of a minivan. lol.
    Looking at rotor in front of truck: That's something you see FREQUENTLY if you own a rotary engine.. cause you have to rebuild the thing every other month to keep it running.

    I'm here all week……

    isaac zuniga

    Hi guys wondering if you have done an 5.7 VVT HEMI engine swap to an Jeep Wrangler 2007 JK 4 door I need some research so I can get mine done properly 😫

    Christopher Harris

    Where was this cars and coffee thing at?

    mehmood hassan

    Rotory engine

    Luke Escamilla

    Rotar for a rotary engine

    dezrat AZ

    Jeremy: I want to see that thang leave.
    They fold the wings and put it in or on a trailer.

    norman harrold

    Its a rotor from a 12a mazda rotary engine

    Dylan McKInney

    When to cars and coffee in Charlotte this morning and saw the same plane

    Brian Pardee

    Jerome didnt know about rotaries

    Tall Texan

    3:54 it's a muffler bearing


    I think that's a dorito

    Paul Hudson

    Rotary power!!

    Backin Theday

    Rotary piston

    Douglas Jobe

    The Mighty Dorito!! I could feel the nacho cheese power threw the screen 🙂

    Garth Clark

    That part on the pavement is, a Wankel Rotary Engine rotor or "piston". there's two of those rotors in one engine that simulate 6 cylinders.
    Of course, as I scroll down to the beginning of these comments, lots of folks have already made the call.


    A rotary engine thingy

    Christopher Yoos

    That looked like the rotor from a Wankel rotary engine setting on the ground in front of the red truck.


    Rotary engine


    Rotary lobe

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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