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An Appeal to Greta Thunberg from an Automotive Enthusiast

Main An Appeal to Greta Thunberg from an Automotive Enthusiast

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    This video is something of an open letter to Greta Thunberg the environmental activist. I have 2 kids her age, and I have no desire to leave a toxic environment to …


    She is the product of very bad parenting.

    Jane Lane

    have you guys seen the greta Thunberg sings DEATH METAL
    actually pretty thrash, her speech is so metal when tuned down a key

    Jeff Gill

    I'm not going to defend myself for living and attempting enjoy this life I was given. I think it is an absolute act of arrogance to think humans can change an entire planetary climate. When I was in grade school we were heading into the next ice age, by the time I got to graduation the world was warming and we were going burn up. Now it's just climate change because they have no clue. Y'all do what you wish I'm intend to enjoy life a bit, not going out of my way to destroy anything but I ain't jumping thru the latest grobal catastrophe hoops either.

    Wrench Spinner

    I smell a hint of SJW.

    Andy Harvey

    …..OR you can live your life how you want and do things how you want. Therefore i will happily take my k20 to 8k and VTEC it to the stratosphere. #Gretaneedstocomebacktoreality.


    I heard Houston and then I zoned out


    How does being a vegetarian reduce your carbon footprint? Have you seen the agriculture industry in this country?

    David Wright

    Whenever people ask me where I stand on Climate Change/Global Warming, I refer them to this: George Carlin, Enjoy!!!

    DIY Jeff

    Our cry won’t recycle pizza boxes, but didn’t realize it was because of grease. Was told it was due to food contamination.

    Timothy Hall

    I also recycle everything I can I'd love to go completely off grid but our laws make that impossible But I am switching over to both solar and wind power in 2020 I've already made that commitment and being compliant with the law I also use a septic system so only my toilets are on that system all sinks and bath water dishwasher and washing machine dump into a 2000 gallon tank which I filter and use to water my lawn wash my car and truck. I also collect rainwater also in a 2000 gallon tank and use it to subsidize my water usage at home filtered of course. And I am also in the middle of upgrading my home to be more energy efficient ie led lights high efficiency appliances improved insulation and airtight home. All in all this is for my family's benefit as it also reduces our Bill's every month freeing up funds that can be used elsewhere and lastly Eric I am also anal about keeping my vehicles in top running condition.


    I'm saying this all the time myself, it's not about saving the planet, it's about keeping the current balance of the ecosystem to sustain life for everyone on the planet. On the other hand, if we continue to pollute and hypothetically humans as well as other species die out, a new balance will simply be established. Either way, the planet itself is not in danger, it's our way of life that might.

    Eric Brown

    The two big things that come out of a modern car's tailpipe:
    1. Nitrogen
    2. Carbon dioxide
    Carbon dioxide is what trees use to breath with, and nitrogen is 75% of the atmosphere already.

    Flint Layfield

    I thought global warming was fake news??


    Agree with you Eric

    My biggest issue with Greta and the people behind her is the way they present their message, they want the government to regulate and fix everything for them, yet individual action like you do will have the best impact. Most of these people protesting with her wont do anything ,wont change their habit and consumption habit.

    It got so easy to buy and consume we tend to forget the impact, fixing? Way easier to get rid of it and buy new. Lets buy cheap now and not think about the longevity,we can replace it anyway and have the new updated product.

    Offer and demand, that's the beauty of the capitalist system, if people stop buying cheap product and buy higher quality and lasting product,business wont have a choice to adapt .

    Company like Apple are fighting tooth and nail to prevent their product to be fixed, not providing spare part and giving false information to their customer.

    People living in the USA should look into the right to repair,write to your senator urge them to pass the bill.

    In my mind fixing clothing,furniture even car ,is a great way to start. To keep a vehicle in good working order, repair it and maybe even at time update it , is better then scrap it

    Mike Morales

    I have always owned, high MPG, 4 cyl cars. Only drive when needed, I feel I've done my bit part.


    Well sad Eric, never seen this side of yoi.
    You are right, me and the missis are trying to eat leas meat, cut beef all together, and yeah don't sweat the hit rod, people think if they buy a tesla they saved the planet, but that is only capitalism, no one ever saved anything by consuming more, that is why you should rather drive the car you have if it is reasonable till you can and drive it conservatively to reduce fuel consumption, ect…
    Don't even take notice of the haters in the comments, thay are probably immature to grasp the topic.


    When Greta comes out on stage she is always given a script. There is video of her attempting to speak without a script and she’s totally inept.

    She’s a puppet to the democrat party. They are simply using her to push climate hysteria which of coarse is designed to generate outrage. There is no reason to LOWER YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE to conform to their climate nonsense. Wearing older shirts driving less and becoming a vegetarian and putting up windmills will not change anything for the rest of the world. Your impact is small no matter how large it may be is really a lot less than you are being told it is. You’re being taught to hate yourself for using resources. You’re being taught to hate yourself for even the smallest amount of wastefulness.

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    The fact that some random foreign kid is recognized by American adults for anything at all should give you some pause. She's just some pet project for her politically active parents to the point of child abuse. Filling her head with all sorts of nonsense and training her to despise people she's never met for a crime they aren't committing against a cause that isn't even legitimate. Reminds me of many other left leaning political groups these days… Ohhh, but she can see the hydrocarbons with her naked eye!!! PERSON OF THE YEAR! Please… Just another false prophet for the religiously-starved masses to cling to.

    Colton Ogden

    Yo she has the same birthday as me

    Roy Arisse

    Stuff is the most polluting of all, with clothing on number one. So, that you're using clothes long is great! I try to, if I need new clothes or other stuff in general, find it second handed or try to find good quality so I can use it extra long.

    But I also drive a car, even though I try to take the train (green energy in the Netherlands, or at least that's what they say) as much as I can.

    My point really is, you can't simply do it all, because you also have to live. That guilt has a tendency to keep one back, and it really shouldn't. I think the real key lies in moderation.


    Greta är en jävla snorunge!!


    you're a grown arse man try to talk to a child.
    she's not trying to make you change mate, you are not the problem, we are not the problem.
    the problem is the people in power actively making the decision to destroy the planet.
    those of us restoring old cars and keeping them on the road are the environmentalists of the automotive world and its people like you trying to make people like Greta into a bad guy is whats wrong with the world

    pétri pat

    She's a tool to take out those hard earned papers out off your wallet to give away to this crumbling medical system, inflated gov pension plan etc..
    It as nothing to do with climate
    Its all about the money the power and your vote

    Its the new fanatic religion because human will never change

    Modern Coachs

    not that i totally disagree with you, but how is this video not virtue signaling?


    I see HUGE smoke trails behind MOST modern commercial jets.
    I wonder if GRETA can help the world reduce the OBVIOUS pollution VISIBLE to all who look up.

    M H

    I'm so getting a Greta sticker for my Volvo turbo estate. 🙂

    Barry Thomas

    Come to Australia..the whole Country is on fire. We are breaking max temperature records on a daily basis. Whatever the is happening.

    barry jackson

    About some’s it up


    yet she travels in boats, flies every where, clothes made by humans. I will listen when she drops all that and lives the true environmental style. and anything human made is a no no.

    The Canadian Named Brandon

    George Carlin told us years ago about how the planet is doing. Years later, still fine 😉

    Loki odenson

    Dear Greta please od on water.


    Vegetarian? Don't know if I can trust ya now ETCG!

    Tom Garrett

    Never been this early. Remember back 30-40 years.

    Happy McJoyjoy


    Alan Maier

    Eric, I was born in the 1950's an grew up through the 1960's. Back then cars were major polluters, and far worse where buses that smoked like a hillbilly farm truck and airliners had piston engines that belched smoke into the air – and the early jet engines left a smoke trail behind them. People thought nothing of tossing garbage out their car windows and humans smoked heavily which made the indoor environment pretty bad as well.

    Fast forward a few decades, cars run far cleaner, buses are often hybrid (they are in my town), airliners burn clean. Our cars today consume a fraction of fuel as they used to back in the 1960's and first half of the 1970's. Coal is rarely used for power generation, factories no longer belch out smoke as they used to either. Personally I have a recycling garbage bin as large as my trash bin and I fill it up far, far faster than the trash.

    The United States no longer has a major smog problem – our air is clean as is the air in many industrialized nations around the world. Our water is becoming cleaner as well. Many of the population of planet earth has done a LOT to clean up the environment and stop, if not reverse the damage done. Maybe ms. Thungerg (pronounced "toonberg") should address countries like China and others who are far, far behind us and stop ripping on those who are making a difference.


    Nice thoughts, Eric but you're too late. We are all going to be dead in less than 12 years so pollute all you want. Relax Eric…the climate is ALWAYS changing. In the 1970's Time ran a cover story about how the world was entering a new ice age and if we didn't act fast, the whole planet was going to be a giant snow cone. So how did that work out? There are many climate experts saying there is no abnormal warming and we can all just chill out. Don't lose sleep over this nonsense! If the nuts have their way, we will all be back living in the stone age.

    Nate W Thibodeau

    Environmental wackos….are wacko. "gross polluter" your Fairmont is.. hahahah… she clearly not seen the modded Diesel trucks that spluge out black smoke for miles. That is a huge thing even a pro sport in some states. Big prizes go the the person that can make the biggest cloud and pollute the most. IMO, all the crap emissions testing and restrictions governments bestow upon the people is just another way to exploit them and a source of income revenue for their bank accounts. Gotta find more ways to tax things already being taxed multiple ways. IT has nothing to actually due with "saving the environment".


    I agree with you, Eric, when it comes to the environment. I, too, recycle what I can. There are many items that residents here in Richmond, Indiana aren't given the opportunity to recycle, but I do what I can. There will be more extinction events on Earth. I don't know when, but they're coming. Count on it. And all such events thus far have occurred due to environment change. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species on Earth, yet we rarely behave that way. Most of the extinctions now underway are due to human activity, as were many past extinctions. No one, myself included, is doing everything they can to prevent the destruction of our environment, so don't feel too bad about the small part you play. It's just a thought, and I don't even know if it's possible, but have you considered building an electric hot rod? That would be way cool, too.


    This won't generate controversy at all. Nah. 😎 The problem is too complex to ever cover in a video, and I admire Greta's passion. Unfortunately, it's too difficult and big of a problem for many to grasp, and the solutions are beyond what any individual can do on his or her own. The aggressive activists have cried wolf too many times over minor issues in the past which has allowed the real polluters to propagandize an inherent distrust in science and other things that could solve the problem. My take is that if it's going to be solved, it'll be through technological innovation and making it cheaper to NOT pollute, which we're actually getting to pretty quickly… hopefully, quickly enough. Merry Christmas!

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