Monday, March 27, 2023

Andie the Lab Talks About Pets, Life and Car Videos | Savagegeese Podcast EP3

Main Andie the Lab Talks About Pets, Life and Car Videos | Savagegeese Podcast EP3

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    We talk with Deb from Andie the Lab about how she does product videos with her Dog Andie. We discuss being authentic and original while still being artistic …

    Robert Hones

    Great conversation here; thanks for sharing!

    Andie the Lab

    This was so much fun! Thanks for having me on!

    Steve Martegani

    Listening to this, I realized I have zero interest in people talking about youtube comments… Makes for an awkward discussion. Don't obsess over it Mark! (Yes, I realize the irony of posting a youtube comment about not wanting to listen to folks talk about youtube comments lol)

    Ned Dyer

    I love your channel. Andie is the best b

    Nasim Bandbaz

    Great conversation and podcast overall. Thank you for your work Mark wish you the best

    Keith W

    Two of the first 3 podcasts had a gender political topic. I hope the topics move away from this, soon.

    Michael Taylor

    This is everything. You 2 are the best!

    SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad

    Im… far too critically insane.. to put stuff about who I am… onto the innanet.

    Grant Stanfield

    Great podcast! Thanks to both of you!

    I caught on to Andie the Lab with her Stelvio Quadrifoglio review, and Deb is excellent and really brings a unique, fresh twist that I fully enjoyed!

    Daniel Alcaraz

    Work+podcast= pretty good Monday


    Just a bunch of time-wasting happy horse shit… Blah!


    Really pumped to know you're podcasting


    Check out the channel baby drive its about an Australian woman on reviewing cars for families. I think her channel and reviews are awesome


    I already like her because we have the same shoes.

    Dan R

    This was pretty cool. I watch car videos pretty much vicariously as I'll likely never afford anything I actually want or enjoy, the reality of the under 15k budget. But it was good to hear an honest conversation about the difficulties you both face and your attitudes towards it. It's still relevant to me in that I've been toying in my head with an idea for a youtube show I want to make. I'm passionate and knowledgeable about the subject but I know literally nothing about filming or editing. I do have a solid day job, just gotta find a partner and the time to learn.

    I had bumped into her content as a recommend but never actually checked out her channel. Will do for sure. Also, shoutout to you for just being a successful person sticking it out in Illinois. I'm from Peoria, lived in Decaytur (added an extra "y" for truth and flavor) and Champaign, job took me out to Utah and despite whatever stereotypes people have about that………I dont miss Illinois one bit, dont know how or why anyone stays there.

    dan noyes

    well done!

    Patrick Stevens

    u can tell the dog hates it

    Kim Kiriniki

    Sorry, I just don't understand what's going on, really appreciated your videos but it's becoming far too weird.
    Wish you and yours well.


    Savagegeese and Thorttle House best Youtubers


    Loving the podcast, but do you plan to have any in-studio episodes vs. whatever chat client you're using over the net?


    need video of you talking. still better then a still photo


    Mr. Goose, why would interview a Laboratory?

    First Last

    Have. Fucking. Children….Actually. No, carry on. Jokes on you. Anywho, last straw for me. Stick this political crap. Im done.


    Like the interview series with other car review channels… I like her focus on cars and her 4 legged friend. Keep it going. Regards to you and Jack. 👍

    Joseph Lee

    I have to agree, her production value per episode is ridiculous


    Ain’t no body want to see this on your channel bro

    Exhaust Sports Auto

    Saw her channel a while back as well, and I was thoroughly impressed. Great guest 👍

    8 bit Gangster

    What’s up homie , hope all is well with whatever is going on.


    Love the podcast Mark. I listen on my podcast app. Just wanted to stop by and say I'm enjoying it.

    Pete Quinones

    Next Jack and Turbowski are going to show us how bake a Bundt cake 🍰…and Mark will glaze it.

    Ben Dover

    Hi Mark! Chin up on the personal issues. I wish you the best man. Tale care of yourself and I hope things get better.

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