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    The Blazer is a much better off road vehicle because of the much shorter wheel base. But that diesel will be a big boy when its lifted with bigger tires. It will also carry a lot of stuff. But it will sink in mud or sand and bottom out easily, when compared to the Blazer for example.

    Brand Creates

    That’s fucking dope dude wtf $1000 god dammit Michigan step uo your fucking game

    Kyra Blue

    try trans fluid and fitler change

    Todd Elliott

    6.5 Liter

    Ben Tews

    Not a 4L80. 4L60. And a gen 1 at that. Small bell housing. Basically an electronic version of the 700R4.

    Daniel Marshall

    Pull the abs fuse. Problem solved and nothing spent

    Giovanni Luchetta

    My mom's 06 Denali so had one as same thing. We got it rebuilt

    mike vee

    PA redneck CH !!!

    89 Scottsdale

    Ummm whats that @ 8:28


    kind of feel like you aren't very mechanically inclined. like at all.


    Looks like the reason for it slipping is the clutch system

    austin kenny

    my yj wrangler has this shitty vacuum system for the 4×4 to turn on to lock the front end and it never worked so you can either stick a socket to make the actuator slide on all the time which works fine for yj wranglers bc your not in 4×4 untill you put in tcase in 4 wheel drive so it wouldn't hurt anything but anyways some guys would bypass that shitty air vacuum actuator and install a manual wire actuator that you could run into the cab (this is for yj wrangler and other jeeps that came with that vacuum actuator for the 4×4 on frint axle) but its probably the same thing on that chevy ! sick project tho ive been looking for a diesel my self !

    Jack Mccasland

    4l80 is one of the best trans chevy ever made

    Chad Endersby

    Lol 4L80e's are amazing transmissions. Mike is not a car guy

    Adam Hack

    It’s a big block olds motor that Detroit helped develop. They are famous for breaking cranks…

    Don’t Test It.

    Those 6.2/6.5 were bulletproof if you do the simple maintenance tasks they take a beating forever

    Tanner Gallie

    I would guess it needs new solenoids. Also i had a trans slip really bad once and the shop i took it to said it was a plugged up filter and a lot of gunk in general causing low pressure changed it and it was fine after that

    Cody Harris

    6.5 detroit diesel same motor that was in the squarebody chevy an its a 400 series truck obs is ford the 6.9 an 7.3 international powered trucks

    Shofner The Redneck



    Glad it's a Chevy but I've never been crazy about that headlight and grill setup on those years… I'd upgrade the front if you can.

    Anthony Wray

    The issue on the slipping could be the pins inside the connection from the harness to the trans could be dirty or bad. Especially since it’s done it with 2 transmissions according to the previous owner.

    The Corbinator00

    That thing is badass! I didn’t even know they offered diesel those years

    dyllon sather

    4l80 isnt a bad trans, you could run a rebuild for fairly cheap. Now is that an e or just a 4l80, just be happy it's not a 4l60e lol. May just need a good fluid flush. Clutch packs would leave particles in trans filter and pan. When you get it up to temp and check the fluid is the fluid on the dip stick foamy?


    The crack on the frame is common, its where the steering box mounts, the stress from the extra weight (from the Diesel engine) on the steering caused the crack (basically).
    that truck should have the 6.5 liter Detroit Diesel and a 4L80E Transmission, second gear going is most likely a failed solenoid which possibly caused the clutches to burn out.
    Keep an eye on the power steering fluid level, the Hydroboost power brake booster runs off of power steering fluid, from the terribly undersized power steering pump.
    and the ABS will not function if the light is on solid for it, the system will operate as a normal non ABS system as long as that light is on.
    there is also plenty of updates to that motor that should be taken care of if they haven't been already, like the PMD relocation, and the status of the Injection pump would be nice to know as well, possibly get it rebuilt even.
    also side note, it is not recommended to use any kind of starting fluid with this motor, it can cause severe damage pretty quickly and even start a runaway situation.

    If ya took the time to read this, Thank you.

    Dee Zet

    Next stop: Disneyland Paris!

    Tim Barito

    Dude its a 4l80!

    Vortec 3501999

    6.5 Detroit right?

    Jason Vankirk

    What's up again got a hell of a deal on that truck man thousand bucks that's a real good deal need to talk to Andy about the tranny he's there he's a 4 L 60 and a 4 L 80 man have a good one

    Tim Barito

    Gosh the blazer looks so good

    Jason Vankirk

    what's happening Mike it's a 6.5 turbo diesel was when Chevy really first started using the turbos on their diesels and that thing the guys talking about switching the fool drive we must there is a wire there that connects to the rear front rear to wear it Engage The 4 wheel drive from 42 he must have looked at up to where he can turn it off and on from where the rear is it said just having it hooked up cuz I had one and going through the woods I rip that wire out and then but yeah I lost my four-wheel drive but all I had to do was fix the wires and it worked fine so if I was you I would bring it back to how it should be not how you got rigged up but they're a good truck man's a strong strong diesel engine S65 that's when I really started getting some power in them so have a good one

    Dee Zet

    The Blazer sounds exactly like the Grand Cherokee I had.


    Very excited to see a 6.5 build, very popular in forums but not youtube

    Joshua Taylor

    You really just said the 4L80 is a bad trans? Do somw research. Love your videos but that was pretty ignorant


    Bring it to Andy lol


    Get a posilock actuator, cable driven actuator instead of thermal or whatever is on the truck

    Doctor Death.

    Sounds like you're going to just have to take the old transmission have it torn down completely rebuild it to a better transmission I noticed your gauge on the right hand side when you accelerate jumps quite a bit in the cluster of four it's a top left one that jumps around

    Mechanic Taft

    Its so funny how you try to use all these big words and you have no fkn clue what your talking about that truck is a cobb job pos .get a job you BUM

    Ivan Martić

    Drag truck plz?

    Rob Sullivan

    Probably the second gear clutches burnt out or a few Mike, Andy could rebuild it

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