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    Rustem Fattakhov

    On the contrary: wet 6 speed DSG in VW are considered more reliable than 7 speed dry DSG.


    I have such fun watching these live shows.

    Edward Enterline

    When will a new Sentra be released?


    TURBO Pepper "why does scotty kilmore hate on hyundais and kia so much" — That's his shtick. There are standup comedians who wave their arms a lot and shout, and people seem to like it. It's entertainment, just don't take it seriously.

    Evan Adams

    The tall can of Le Croix is the most Bay Area thing I have ever seen on YouTube


    Will KIA Optima be redesigned any time soon?


    How does the sheet metal for Honda Accord compare to Toyota Camry

    Daryoosh M

    Best road trip Car, SUV, Truck you have tested especially in the past 6 years? I am talking seat comfort, sound system and total isolation from outside (noise and bumps). I don't care how floaty it is. Both Alex and reader response is appreciated.


    Hello Alex! Great work. Am considering 2016 Jeep Grand cherokee SRT. What are your thoughts on reliability? Thank you

    usr 1987

    I love your reviews, you cover it all. Most youtubers cover the wow factor but nothing else!

    Sandra Guajardo

    This would be driven in the city street at about 45 mph, no highways. Just to grocery store, church, doctor, no road trips.

    Sandra Guajardo

    What is the best VW beetle year and engine is best. Looking for a preloved or certified through a dealer.

    Chili D

    Alex— ever do a 9-7x Aero review? You should get your hands on one. Would love to see a modern review of that truck.

    Heather C

    Hi Alex– What do you recommend as the best three row SUV with GVWR over 6000lbs? We have three teenage sons and do lots of road trips but do not tow. Thanks!! **

    Hoder Harris

    Buick Lacrosse or Cadillac XTS?

    Hugh Wright

    Thinking of buying a 3 or 4 year old used Mercedes E350 wagon AWD as an alternative to a new compact SUV…am I crazy?

    Chris Carson

    I've seen some Forester Sports with dual zone climate control, yet the Subaru site says it doesn't come with it. Is that a Canadian feature only?

    TURBO Pepper

    Thank you alex! Im a new sub and fan!! I first found you leaving a hateful comment about you being biased for the g90 review but you were professional and are very knowledgeable and nonbiased and give credit to where its due. As an apology i left a small superchat, lol. Excellent manual video earlier today using the cake disc and fan as well and keepup the good work brother!

    *And thanks for holding these live shows qnd answering my questions about vw dsgs!

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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