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Are Car Exhaust Crackles & Pops Fake?

Main Are Car Exhaust Crackles & Pops Fake?

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    How Car Exhausts Make Crackles & Pops – Anti-Lag or Fake Sounds? Are exhaust pops as bad as speaker sounds, geared CVTs, fake aero? Veloster N vs …

    Mr. GTO



    Just remember, these cars companies are businesses first and foremost. If sound sells cars then they'll make sound, even if theres no purpose.

    Milos Balunovic

    what abaut cooling the piston at the point of shifting on NA ?


    Sounds like my wrist every time I bend it.


    I have real crackles in the 675r, because it gets too lean on deceleration, and on downhill it keeps doing that


    My 1jz does it sometimes…i thought it was just unburned fuel

    Ironhide Autobot

    My rotary with a decat certainly isn't fake and sounds and looks amazing when the flames shoot out


    1:23. You didn't stop at that stop sign.


    Of all the fake things on cars I'll take the crackle and pops. The rest they should stop doing.


    The crackles n pops are ok if not gone to a ridiculous level. As far as fake engine/exhaust coming through the radio, I'm TOTALLY against it and the crap CVT's shifting. Why mimick shifting??? Just put a real automatic transmission in the dang thing. Maybe I'm too much of a purist. But not into faking. Be real or be gone!


    so is it possible to remap any engine to have this additional ignition on piston down and produce some pops? as I understand it's not possible to achieve same effect in diesel engine?


    Fake vents are the worst, fake exhaust tips 2nd to that.

    Cactus Bob

    So your wasting fuel to get a noise……… i always thought "it" happened because something on the car was malfunctioning or mismatched. now i hear people want it???? they like it??? WHY!? the driver in the video called it a "fun sound" there is nothing fun about it , it's a burnt or hanging valve sound. it's the sound of un-burnt fuel firing in the exhaust sound………it's all bad…… having a car that has the "needs work"… sound …is cool now?


    how bout long jevety of your cats and exhaust… I know aftermarket antilag can realy mess up cats and exhasuts.


    I am for it under the condition that the car also funnels in the exhaust gas to give you that raw experience.

    RS2 HOON

    I can't stand when fake noise is pumped through the speakers, when I first drove my RS it sounded like a boxer engine with unequal length headers inside the cabin. My first mod after about a week was to unplug the "fake" engine noise generator. The rumble was gone and then the quietness of the stock exhaust just made the car sound anemic. Needless to say a catless downpipe and 3" straight pipe fixed that right up. I do have a e30 burble tune as well as my standard e30 tune and I must say, the pops are very addictive. They are actually quite controllable as well if you modulate the throttle just right and shift at certain RPM's. I've always been pretty keen on having every mod on my car be functional but the burble tune just puts a smile on my face and makes the driving experience just that much more enjoyable. To each his own though.


    I’d like to see more Tamaha air channel like the one in the LFA that makes the car sounds so good

    Will Malliotis

    Hi Jason. I want to say that since I was much younger in primary school, I remember seeing your videos and although I didn’t understand anything, I actually continued watching and pretended to understand to feel smart and to fulfil my appreciation for cars.

    Now that I’m an adult, I want to congratulate you on your success and wish you all the best in the future.

    When I have my kids and grandkids, I’m going to mention you as “The guy who knew so much about cars educated me so much, and that’s why I you and I are doing an oil change by ourselves today.”


    This video reminded me of my friend’s 500 Abarth. The “pops” (more like kabooms) that car produces can’t possibly be fake.

    Charlie K92004

    Seems like it would be really hard on exhaust valves. ??


    Can confirm: the 981 boxster/cayman have exhaust crackles. I think turning off the sport exhaust would stop them. I’m not 100% sure on that because I don’t track it anymore. I’m pretty sure that the sport exhaust opens even if it isn’t enabled.

    Interestingly they seem to randomize the crackle, sometimes you just get a big pop.

    Mull Pig

    Engine braking, the only reason to keep your valves open. Do something productive, not pompous.

    Alex Sissœn

    But how would I downshift CVT if they don't have the "fake gears"?..


    The RS3 has awesome crackles and pops! Woulda been awesome if you used that instead.

    Ultra Gamer • 72 years ago

    700th comment

    Colin Marks

    False aero dynamics, are a bit of a gimmick. A good car manufacturer should design a car to look aesthetically cool without making the car exclaim features it doesn't have


    Clickbait thumbnail 10/10

    Wes’ TECH

    Just take the plastic parts off = real aero?

    Commenter Person

    10:33 "I find myself, kind of, I guess like, you feel going back to: 'well it sounds cool, so the end'" — EE

    I think it's ok for people to like such things.
    I only have a problem when such things hinder meaningful conversation/progress.


    Exhaust valve life expectancie, key bangers kill valves.


    I straightpiped my 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM with a 350 swap (still carbureted) and every time I go down the hill in my neighborhood it sounds like Chicago.

    Commenter Person

    9:48 "they do it for aesthetics…" — EE
    I saw a video where the chief designer said it was done to primarily facilitate custom modification.

    Quaid McIver

    My Porsche 981-S Cayman had fake crackling off throttle. It only activated in sport mode. I didn’t like it on longer trips.

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