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Are CVTs Bad? Why Mazda Avoids CVT Transmissions

Main Are CVTs Bad? Why Mazda Avoids CVT Transmissions

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    Why Mazda Only Sells Manual and Automatic Transmissions Are CVTs bad transmissions? Why don’t people like CVTs? Subscribe for new videos every …

    Bicycle Things

    Mazda still does a 2.0l gas naturaly aspirate in Europe when all the cars here are 1.2 with a turbo

    Rasheed Khan

    There are two reasons companies are moving to CVT and often no longer even offering you a choice. Actually three. One is regulatory, about fuel economy. Two, this is the big one, they are much cheaper and faster to make. And three, they last about 150,000 km and aren't easy to repair which means you might have to get a new one. These, despite being cheaper to make, they can sell you at an inflated price because where ya gonna go? So mo money mo money mo mo mo. Mazda will not be able to hold out for long and still compete. My advice, buy a good automatic now, take care of it and buy yourself some peace of mind for the next 10 years. Then your next car will almost certainly be electric.


    To be fair, car dealers are selling DCT as automatics to get a sale.
    And DCTs don't like stop start traffic jams

    Tom Davis

    Yes they are bad and cost around $10k to replace. They are not rebuilding them apparently


    More Reliable, Easier Maintenance and Repair. CVT suck, Expensive to Replace, almost impossible to rebuild and expensive to repair. The only reason Automobile Manufacturers use CVT is to Make better Miles Per Gallon numbers and reduce weight. Mazda has made a good choice with a more traditional automatic transmission.


    People who buy new cars with CVT’s usually don’t know or care what a transmission is and now that CVT’s fake shiftpoints, they probably think they have a torque converter or a manual if it has paddle shifters.


    A lot of times it depends where you live and how capable/lazy are you. If you live outside of city, then manual is preferred, and if you are city that is choked with traffic then definitely automatic.

    James Dyck

    I'll stay away from CVT's as long as possible. I like 3 peddles and 6 gears!

    Shaded scar

    The cvt tranny is awesome…. when it works. From a reliability standpoint it is trash. A metal chain on two metal pulleys means immense ware. Even with a rubber belt cvt they slip off and snap belts. The cvt has the best efficiency by far. But the tech isnt advanced enough yet to use them.


    Love the Forester because of its driver's visibility – and the way it can negotiate an icy hill I have to go down to get home in the winter time. Handles that hill so incredibly well (don't have to put on studded snow tires just to go down that hill safely). And then it does really well on down hill descents of mountain passes. I can tell by looking at this Mazda that I would hate its driver visibility. That from the get go would be a deal killer for me. I like auto engineering that thinks about human usability and safety factors too.

    Muthu Kumaran

    talk about truckla


    Love the CVT in my wifes Outback. Works well and is great for that type of a car. My other friends WRX is good fun with his CVT. They work well in the right application when well done. My GTI's DSG is still my favorite though.

    Pradana Wp

    Mazda always different and amazing


    Regular folks buy by the brand!

    Decay of Alberta

    Seeing how the CVT transmission is sh$t. And the CVT is dying out from the introduction of the 10 speed automatic transmission. Which is more efficient then a CVT. CVT transmission zen know to break with 40,000-50,000 miles. Toyota has been the only one to not have problems with The CVT. Plus G wagons don’t have a CVT transmission. You should mention that. Your herding cats lol.

    Alex Beau

    1:31 дохера грузов на колесе
    и это новая машина!

    Jon Lind

    Have you driven a GLA? I am a massive fan of DCTs (it’s the next best thing to a manual). I have no weirdness starting off or going up hill but that instant response helps me not be too sad about losing the clutch pedal.

    Mircea Munteanu

    CVT's are lifeless to drive, slow to accelerat from a stop, unreliable, unpredictable level of acceleration, merging performance on the highway is poor, not fuel efficient, only good CVT's are hybrids with planetary gears like hybrid RAV4 which have wider gear ratios, i have chain CVT impreaza 2017


    CVT's are crap and the only reason manufacturer's use them is because they're cheap. I would rather walk than own a car with a CVT.

    henri isagan

    Good thing i bought my first car the cx3. I know there’s no practicality having because of lack of space but it is fun to drive. Im single.


    Hate this entire segment of vehicles. Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4, all middle aged women that don’t know their mirrors exist drive these things.


    CVTs suck they are the worst that ever happened to automotive world

    Waktosha 73

    CVT's are a great idea, but in reality they are complete garbage.


    CVT transmissions are otherwise known as Continuously Vile Transmissions. They are not as durable, cost a fortune to fix, end drone. In addition, for those who live in cold weather climates, you cannot gear down a CVT to help control your speed on slippery roads. When I was considering a crossover, it came down to the Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5. The deciding factor was that the only transmission available for the CR-V was a CVT, and that is an epic fail. Having driven a lot of vehicles in my life, the CX-5 has one of the best transmissions I have ever experienced.

    C De

    whats with the hand motions???

    Dizzy Dreamer

    Cvts suck they feel like one gear!

    Rocks and Oil

    I prefer standard transmissions and always wondered why cars don't use the automatic trans built like truck automatic transmissions.

    Max Power

    How about a cvt with a clutch 🤔

    Carlos Bojorges

    I drive an A3 but find more enjoyable the Mazda 3. Sometimes I regret.

    Peter Bestajovsky

    I feel like some CVT's are prone to belt tears or eating up torque converters for some reason…. I'm looking at you Subaru!


    You can't correlate sales with satisfaction or better vehicles. Toyotas sell because they are dead ass reliable, have a long history of making vehicles and have maintained their record. If there was a sure way to blind test people who knows what would happen.

    Samjai Sam

    what is CVT? Pls give a 20 second intro and not just dive in assuming everyone is an expert in this!

    David Garcia

    I love the Mazda approach, I had a Nissan with a 2.0L engine and a CVT now I have a Mazda with a more powerful 2.0L engine and an automatic transmission, I’m spending less money on fuel and the Mazda’s driving experience, and engine response is much better.


    Who is Mazda in the automotive world scheme of things? Mazda should have avoided the rotary/ Wankel engine and the Miller cycle engine of the Mazda Mallenia which is absolute trash.

    Robin Sattahip

    CVT'S SUCK Why would anyone buy a car that runs through the high tech equivalent of a rubber band?

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