Thursday, March 23, 2023

Around the Shop at Manns Restoration – Festus, MO

Main Around the Shop at Manns Restoration – Festus, MO

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    This is our latest video from around the shop. You get a brief glimpse at some of our current projects, including the rare 1952 Spohn Palos, and the very special …

    The Shade Tree Fix-it Man

    Sand, sand, and sand some more, then wake up in the morning and do it again.

    Anthony Gonzalez

    cool vid…you guys are schud do a KSHE 95 CAR..with U.MAN.U.MAN & MANN'S

    Wally Lindberg

    Look at the work these people have.

    certified 68 crazy

    Outstanding as always Jeff . Take care and thanks for taking us along ! I always look forward to your videos . Larry .


    Love the trans am!

    Dante English

    Do you and Jordon work at Manns or do you just video there work on the car's?


    Awesome video:)

    William Matthews

    I never get tired of these videos. Thanks again. Have a blessed day.


    The old car at the end is really something different ..Almost looks custom made


    I've been a sub for years and I know this place either you own or work there or you just love it but it been on the videos a lot instead of a great video like this maybe have one just talking with them a little and let them show what there doing a little or is that not allowed or maybe they get cameras shy lol either way great video guys I'm in Chicago one day il like to visit haha

    Mustang Medic

    My favorite Trans Am.

    Mustang Medic

    Nice job guys, there is something about being hands on that grounds a man. Or a woman.


    Good stuff Bud!!☺

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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