Monday, March 27, 2023

Assessing The Damage From The Massive Wheelie

Main Assessing The Damage From The Massive Wheelie

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    Caleb Sandersier

    a lot of cars have that "ovalized" bolt hole. My corolla and camry both do, but with no camber bolts. You can just buy camber bolts of it, and then you can adjust and tighten. Pretty sure the wheels would move like that before your wheel if you loosen the bolt a bit and check. Check the other MR2… probably will see the same thing

    Gene Holmes

    Time for a wheelie bar!

    Shane Black Lord

    Hi Kyle, you might want to check the air pressure in rear tires to make sure they are the same before you start making any adjustments. I one is lower than the other is may contribute to difference in ride heights. I have experienced this in the past when my street machine did a wheelie. Pulled to the right because one tire was 7 pounds lower than the other. You might think about wheelie bars too they make a big difference in that they keep the front end on the ground. wheelies might look cool, but if you want fast 1/4 mile times keeping the front on the ground is where its at. I bet Tod could make you a set just by looking at pictures.

    Owen Parillo

    Kyle: "what's the name?"
    Phong: "The Penis.."
    Kyle: "The Phoenix? Hell yea." 9:53


    You need some double adjustables in the rear to get the tires to separate and add weight little by little to the front end, that should keep it from pulling a wheelie


    I bet you never thought you be fixing broken stuff from a wheelie in the Mr2… Nice work!


    @ 6:00 looks like the veh's inner fender area kinked inward at the crinkle zone. ( not the body panel) but on the body itself.

    Matt’s Red Beard

    Time for a wheelie bar

    Preston Perez

    Brent and Emilio passing that sandwich like a joint


    At 2:02 looked like Brent was passing Emilio a BLUNT


    Bc come with oval top holes specially for adjusting

    jazz smith

    Do a burnout for wyatt! #burnoutsforwyatt

    JAMES! Since the 70’s

    Next time you launch it, you should put a gopro under there to see how or if it moves!

    JAMES! Since the 70’s

    Next time you launch it, you should put a gopro under there to see how or if it moves!

    William Roy

    Wheelie-bar time adding weight on front guys…… come on 😂

    Victor’s Garage

    Over all that's not to bad but that was a great race , and great driving . Awesome videos

    Morten Schjetne

    just build a set of wheelie bars for it an be done with it.. its a racecar anyways 🙂

    Brian Bromfield

    Do you weigh the corners after alignment ?


    How to roll and pull your front fenders BoostedBoiz style: Just send it to the moon, and when you crash land your fenders will be perfect


    "Never even check to see if it was tight"… classic Kyle. Step up your game man.

    Jordan K

    Need to sell that dodge before it breaks again.. and get something more reliable


    The adjustable bolt and bushing is called an eccentric

    Leonard Riddick

    Consider removing your front sway bar, it will help with weight transfer

    Fix-it- Jeff

    Get new double adjustable shocks for the front. Google will pay for it.

    Alfa Romeo 33


Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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