Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Assessing The Damage On Wago's Engine! (It's Bad)

Main Assessing The Damage On Wago's Engine! (It's Bad)

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    Broke a valve caused damage but 🤷‍♀️

    Toyota Turbo


    Jaxen Stopka

    Brent’s opinion is about as much as you can hypothesize with the given evidence any more critiquing is up for perception

    guido invernizzi

    Charlie brokes the engine

    Fabian van den Bussche

    Quaife Engineering Ltd is from the UK… did you really?:P

    jason wells

    The engine was just sick.of being with a tranny


    Definitely cracked sleeve first hydrolocked bent rod then the valve broke. If the valve broke first pretty sure it woulda ended up stuck in piston or the head. That’s what happened too a old turbo k car I had. Tensioner failed valve hit piston and the valve got stuck in the head sideways looked pretty cool lol pretty cool how the locks and retainer were still on the valve stem that’s def a keeper!

    Lőrinc A. Zsombok

    I bet that package is a sequential shifter. They cost a lot of money tho

    Niquille Rodney

    What about hondaru …

    Let It Reign

    “AWD with three dudes in it”


    Check the turbo.

    Mikael Simpson

    what plugs was it running ?

    Mike lehr

    real quick question what k series engines are the best? Engine code and from what choice? obviously k20A2, A3 rsx but what others are good for frankbuilds and boost?
    never owned one been gathering parts for swap for DC2. I got 5-speed k trans no engine yet but looking at 03 accord k24 and 03 TSX k24 as well. Anyone care to elaborate? Been searching just want to see what others are running. Sorry, Kyle about wago. james damit ruined all the fun lol get back together. see you all this summer..

    QoQ Reptiles

    I think james destroyed it. He has the capability 😅now you can drive the 240 so you still win 😍😀


    Love it when opinions get heated 😂

    Zoraiz Ali

    2kz no shit 💥💥💥💥


    You have bent k rods with 2 step. I think the best conclusion is the rod bent first.

    Kurt Wyatt

    You guys cursed yourselves by saying that you can't blow up a honda motor. That's why waggo's motor blew. But seriously I think Brent's got the answer that makes the most sense on how things got so shit scattered inside your motor.


    With the diagnosis of the motor unknown, at least the tranny didn’t break hahahaha.

    Ernesto Ramos

    I think it's fine

    mike bmg

    sorry im not sorry… stock motor what did anyone expect? these guys are awesome though… they will rebuild better and stronger.

    Brand New

    None of you are correct. WAGO did it – not James – all that bad talk of putting in a 2KZ – that hurt his feelings so when James was driving WAGO decided to commit hara-kiri.


    What I find funny, it seems the world over everyone has these long reach pliers with the blue plastic handles lol, £1 world has a lot to answer for lol

    jarred culley


    Vavo 46

    Boys argue about who will get a better fortnite kill , real men argue about why the sleeve cracked in a K20 engine


    All the hard work and dedication you put into to your cars and this channel. I'm sure you have days where you are just like "I just want to sleep" but keep up the work BoostedBoiz. Hard work pays off and I love the appreciate the content that you give to us viewers!


    Damn, didnt even drain the oil first?

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