Saturday, March 25, 2023

Audi AI:ME concept – Next-Gen Audi Hatchback

Main Audi AI:ME concept – Next-Gen Audi Hatchback

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    Watch now the Audi AI:ME, a concept car for the megacities of the future. The Audi AI:ME offers compact dimensions, a spacious, futuristic interior, and the ability …

    Brian The Explorer

    Simpson’s did it….

    Natalia Gibeli love

    Por sierto , evisto cosas horribles , pero esto se lleva el premio . Usemos el sentido comun por favor .☝🙈🙉🙊

    Natalia Gibeli love

    Cuando presentaran el nuevo motor de impulso antigravitatorio , y no es broma .☝👄🚫

    Jorge michael Martin

    Some lights and the fools are fooled once again…

    Jorge michael Martin

    Looks like hyundai i30….the front…

    govindraj sonawane

    I want to buy this car plz comment price and address its really cooooool🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Yura Bech

    It's not a car! It looks like awful toy from the future.

    lbreheem ali

    Audi number 1 in the world

    OP-TIM Auto

    How do you open the windows?

    Matthew J.

    Looks like a biger and uglier Renault Twizzy

    I. Fawzy

    Looks awkward to be honest! I don't like the gimmicky looks and features!

    Boussad Ait Mouffok

    Audi 😈

    * *

    That ivy in the rafters 😂😂😂😂

    Give me a break


    Only living creatures are autonomous by the factual definition of 'auto-nomous'. Leave it to the diabolic ultra prevaricator marketing and advertising industry to twist and warp the true use of a word, to sell you something you really do not need and to make it sound like it's so whizz-bang awesome to generate revenue for a company etc instead of the company generating revenue by the sheer fact of the quality of it's products.

    Stefan Wegener


    Bright Side Car

    Wow, i like it, great autonomous level 4

    Nalmas Mohd

    Cars are becoming ugly nowadays


    Audi e-tron dejo de ser un concep ??

    Xfinity 2

    Front is nice but back is :/

    Wxcvbn Nbvcxw


    Eldritch Incantation

    They put that kind of futuristic seats into concepts for 20 years or more now. I now beginning to think that those are simply a designer meme and practical seats will never look like that. Same goes for steering wheels. The whole car is 'designer meme' car.

    Remy B

    The front looks like a Hyundai with a Tesla combined


    Looks like the Second generation of A2

    dirk keersmaekers

    A E2

    Dhruv Singh

    Amazing vehicle
    Jaws just dropped

    Dhruv Singh


    Miky Koon

    Is there a bbq area , but seriously its good to see audi waking up now from a deep sleep , hopefully the production cars follow too



    JOse mathew


    Mr.A Bandit

    Ugly af

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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