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Audi S5 Sportback | Low Calorie Performance

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    We review the 2019 Audi S5 a car that has many ambitions. The Sportback trim adds a hatch which improves capacity while also selling the “sports car” image.

    Mark Arts

    Another great review of you man. It's incredible how you make your videos in comparison to other "car reviewers". It's lonely at the top, but you're definitely there Savagegeese…

    Hacke Rino

    Fun fact: Hotdogs were actually invented by a german

    Artur Brodetchii

    I own an S5 Sportback 2018 for about 1.5 years, can’t agree more with everything you said except one thing – this car is really handsome. I know it’s a subjective opinion but I got tons of compliments on the looks and it’s a pleasure to look at the car when it’s parked. Love every angle and not selling the car anytime soon haha


    Is this worth the premium over a Stinger GT?

    The Adventure Auto

    I love the B roll footage of geese. Ties it all together. At the beginning the goose family looked like they were swimming away saying, "Take care of our car while we're away!"

    chris cab

    That hideous screen. Yuck


    Good review of an uninteresting car. That thing looks hideous inside and out (to me) but runs well as most cars these days. Yawn – –

    Chris Cowan

    Nobody’s giving me the wieners that I want when I want em!! Classic GOOSE


    What camera and lens does he use? His footage looks the best

    N M

    I have not watched not one video on this channel with an intro music that sucks.


    dont like these sportbacks.

    Fred Rick

    Audi is not for the kids, it's for accomplished mature men….

    Jason Giles

    This or the Stinger GT2??? @Savagegeese

    Michael Mackey

    Mechanical high-pressure fuel pump is really close to the turbochargers no thanks.

    Kane Viva La Kane

    Hmm a German vehicle…so not reliable..will fall apart..and a money pit..I would buy a Lexus or Genesis


    People who think it looks sterile don't understand the beauty of an understated German sports sedan.


    Thank god Scott is not in the shop lately, just hanging there without doing or saying anything, except looking stupid! Now i can finally subscribe!


    Did he ever review an SQ5…?


    That “hot V”… 😂

    Celso Rojas

    Am I the only person that enjoys the looks of boring executive looking cars? I just love them. And Audi is the king in my opinion.

    Elliott Manning

    You can get cooled seats with the S5 as an option, but you can't get the sports seats, which this has, with the feature. You have to choose a different seat design.

    Melvin Ray Spence III

    auto up shift????

    Joseph Groot

    The new camera work is dope. Helps clarify the specifics on component VO.

    Tais Chuu

    great video like always

    small typo in the audio analysis part (are are)


    Here's my final thought: Driving any sports car without a manual transmission SUCKS.


    I'm a sedan type of guy that car looks awesome.

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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