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Australian VS American Overlanding – Unedited Interview with Ronny Dahl

Main Australian VS American Overlanding – Unedited Interview with Ronny Dahl

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    While at Overland Expo West this year, I sat down with Australian Overlanding Icon Ronny Dahl and his mate, Torbin to discuss a bunch of off road and …

    It’s a Bug’s Life

    Ronny has not one but two XJ’s !! Woot woot ! I love my XJ. For the price it is hard to compete with an XJ. Love the video y’all ❤️🐞 and I would love to see you do a video on your XJ. 🐞IIII🐞

    Matt Hopkins

    That’s a rodbuster in the states. I do the concrete, but have to bust the rod as well.

    Stephan Leukert

    Hell yeah! Now I'd like to see you guys with the 4WD ACTION guys.

    Agatemaster 199

    Aussie swag is like a coffin ⚰️


    Good to see the guys enjoying themselves over there 👍


    That's rad…👍…My favorite American overland channel with my favorite Aussie channel…🍻👌😎… I'm from Australia and have meet Ronny and the boys before…They're a cool bunch of guys…I've been watching your channel for a long time now and yes very different rig set up…I drive a Nissan Patrol which are way better than Toyotas, don't tell Ronny that…Well done…🚙…

    another JKowner

    Always enjoy his videos. I think it would be awesome to be able to get that far away from civilization

    mike thrapp

    I didnt know anyone knew who Ronnie was besides me in the states.

    His landcruiser has always made me want to chop my ZJ at the rear doors and add a camp box. Lol

    Jeffrey Chamberlin

    Living in Flagstaff (about a mile from the expo) It makes me laugh all the people in jackets! That weekend was hot as hell in a t-shirt and jeans at work!

    adrian lanciano

    Next time Bleepinjeep in Australia 😉

    Christopher Yoos

    SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess … true story! LOL


    There are portable weigh stations here in the states too.

    John Day

    I watch all of Ronnies vids. He gave me direction after I bought my first jeep. I want to travel and enjoy as much outdoors as possible.

    Joe Atwork

    A little off-topic. Have you guys ever made a video on replacing brake lines? I'm confused on doubles and bubbles. Bubbles were European, but I guess now we use some. When and where and interchangeable? Should make a good rainy day video. Thanks.

    Rubicon Adventuring

    I follow them down under guys. Welcome to America ! 🇺🇸🤙


    i wish we would have changed to metric before i started school.

    Ivan Perkes

    Two of my favorite channels combined.


    question for both ronnie and sparky, if you had to pick one vehicle sold in the US for overlanding/4×4 stuff, what would it be?

    Jackson Lee

    Rod buster. SWAG stuff we all get.

    moed al garny

    I watch both aussi and american offroaders 😐 i have split personalty now..toyotas vs jeeps

    Frank The CADD Monkey

    S.W.A.G. = Sweet wild @ss guess….

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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