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AutoZone Clay Towel -Do Clay Towels Really Work?

Main AutoZone Clay Towel -Do Clay Towels Really Work?

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    Lift gate and then trunk. Thanks for the other info


    What is this iron remover that you're using? Where do I get it?

    Calvin Wong

    LMFAO. I knew something like this was going come out some day.

    Isaac Pena

    When Scott put the clay towel to the tail gate and said "OH GOD YES" I swear I could hear that 70s adult movie music coming on. POWCHICAPOWWOW!

    taranjit pagely

    Hey Scott what’s a really good spray wax? Do you have a video available? Thank you

    Kyle D

    Well said my friend 👍

    David Sparling

    Pretty cool, Scott. Think I’ll stick with clay though. BTW, I used to work at the Chevy store in McKinney where you got your truck. Ha!

    Jim Nesta

    Thanks Scott for the very interesting and informative video. I have an almost new 370Z with a black paint job that I need to do a decon wash on and so I'm very interested in finding a good clay product for it. Do you think you could use the iron remover as a clay lubricant and have both decon steps(chemical and mechanical) combined into one?

    Michael Looper

    Scott don't read or reply to his fans massage


    Mothers reusable clay bar is my favorite. You can just use soap and water for extra lubrication but water is the only ingredient needed.


    I am all about perfection. I will be using an iron remover, clay, Polish and sealer/ wax. There goes my week…

    Joe Myers

    Hey Sir, is ceramic coating better than hand washing and waxing or vice versa? Wad just wondering ur opinion


    Good info Scott! Gotta have iron remover!

    Clee Torres

    So clay towels work, but they don’t?…WTF

    jose m 007

    Omg I had that questions for days now I know I still have to use an iron remover

    Ben Kneisley

    What is the brand? What does the packaging look like?
    Would like to see if my local AZ has this in stock

    Mark Weber

    I used iron x for the first time and think that was the worst smell I have ever smelled! What clay bar do you recommend?

    Sivarao210 Prorez

    Great info Scott!

    Reuel Blackwell

    Love your videos curios as to what is Marring vs scratching. How do you prevent it.


    I used a clay towel once before and scratched up the whole bonnet. Never again. Quality Clay bar all the way.

    R King

    So what is your favorite clay towel? We love you Scott.

    Craig Lewis

    How about working on single-stage paint?

    Don’t de rock me riz

    2 questions. How long does one towel last & I curious, what do you use the golf cart for?

    South London

    They have been in the U.K. for years


    Seems overpriced, $16 for 2 clay towels. You can get a clay bar for about that price and split it into 4 pieces.

    mr t

    I use petrol or white spirit and microfibre towel then thoroughly rinse. Any particular reason why a half hour job should turn in to hours and hours by using a clay bar and lubricant

    KW0311 USMC

    I love these things

    Christopher Yost

    Which eagle one product are you using as a fallout remover?

    Jeffrey Herr

    I know people can clay a car with no marring if done right, but I tend to only clay if I'm going to do paint correction. I love these mitts and towels for their convenience, especially when any light marring will be removed by correction.

    George Myers

    Fantastic video.
    I never realized how claying only shears it off like that.
    I’ve also noticed that slight marring on darker colors with the synthetic clay bars.i wondered if it was me doing it wrong with’s certainly good to know it happens with other people doing it.
    Please keep the videos coming


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    Jeremy de Bruyn

    It's a tail gate brother.. You are the best

    Nicholas Baragas

    Thanks Scott! I was curious about these clay towels when you first brought them up on FB. I've never tried any kind of synthetic clay, and I guess I might keep it that way. 🤷🏻‍♂️ If traditional clay is less harmful to the paint in the long run, then I think I'll stick with it.

    As always, thank you very much for what you do!


    Which eagle wheel iron cleaner is that?

    Realtime Reviews

    Detail manufacturers need to have a product that repels DUST DIRT AND MUD, water beading does nothing but collections all of the above mentioned

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