Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Bad News About The Prelude…

Main Bad News About The Prelude…

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    Neil Harrell

    Run motorkote in your motor

    Tyler Wildman

    You are the most luck guy in the world!!! Pretty much 4 and a half full throttle pulls with 0psi oil. I want 10 seconds at mid throttle and windowed a block!!! Im sold on aluminum rods now for sure

    Chris Lucabaugh
    Robert Kucera

    Seeing Todd so happy after that pull put a big smile on my face!!! Fuck yeah dude!!!!!


    Did Brent say you could get an h23 crank from a 90-94 Accord? Non vtec h23 is from the us spec 92-96 prelude also available with an f22 single cam. And the CB Accord is 90-93. CD Accord is 94-97. All of which use f22 variants for the 4 cylinder models. The 98-02 Accord has the f23 like the first gen Odyssey but idk if that is the same crank as an h23.


    Curfew? well that sucks, thought it was a fairly rural remote spot and a big benefit of being in your own space so you can dyno through the night. Bummer! those pesky neighbours

    Micah Adams

    Should either painted or powder-coated yellow

    Aaron Unknown

    As soon as i see 0psi oil pressure i knew what was coming 😭

    Ryan Agnos

    That pull todd did was something else!! Holy crap


    Res ipsa loquitar.

    Justin Douglas

    Somehow, its Romans fault 😅


    “VTEC isn’t working. Must need full send.”


    Dip a bottle in Line-X, dry ice it, and then superglue the cap on.


    time for a dry sump

    Jeremy Plummer

    Kyle- we have good oil and oil pressure… obviously didn't even look just assuming. Too many pools to have not noticed the oil pressure.


    Not hating but see not only subarus broke…bu kyle fixed quick 💯💪😇🙏

    Patrick Johnson

    So you guys are still rocking the VTEC system and not VTEC kill type? I'm definitely impressed!

    Jose Rotary

    I have that same issue right now, race car life. 💯👍👍👍


    you need the oil pressure sensor hooked up the water temp and the solenoid for vtec to work

    bill belly

    a lot about building cars…. it's not put together like a puzzle where each piece fits together. they are friggin jerryrigged from the ground up (is this a true statement?)

    bill belly

    prelude VS eclipse VS celica !

    Louis Turner

    Boosted kids

    Louis Turner

    I heard that rod knock on the third pull…


    You’re an idiot for not looking at your oil gauge…


    No power no power at all only 686whp

    Adrian Sunnex

    Oil accumulator might be worthwhile for the future?


    What ebay turbo are those?

    Mat Szylvester

    Boosted maggots your all fuckin gay

    Chris Elliott

    Really nice vid, guys. I do like the time lapse.

    Erik Fonder

    Kind of sick of watching videos of u buildin cages


    Alright I will finally say it. Every time I see someone spraying the dyno glue, they're spraying it on the front of the tire, and awfully close too. I wince as its only a matter of time till someone gets their hand sucked in. Please, spray it on from the back.

    robert furlow

    No oil pressure and beating on it? "It'll be alright". Slap bearings , oil pump and put it back on the dyno and watch it go boom..🤣
    This is what happens when you buy a car already built. No appreciation for what you have. He Doesnt even look at the oil pressure gauge ?🤯


    Uh oh metal in oil pan. Who’s Kyle going to blame this time. Maybe Phong again.

    kobz z

    It is what it is😂

    Mike lehr

    sorry bout lude. ek cage is sick coming together nicely. Wheres pedro been ?

    Vtec Noob

    so can we clear the air? was that a h23 or h22


    that t-belt tensioner… made that t-belt into a jackhammer

    starfox 701sm

    The whole time the block was sayin "This isn't my time, brother", and just hung in there. lol

Viewing 39 posts - 1 through 39 (of 39 total)
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