Saturday, March 25, 2023

Bad News.. Goodbye GTR..

Main Bad News.. Goodbye GTR..

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    Spent so many hours getting the car to run and we break down right before we get to SoCal for SlammedEnuff.. Been having so much bad luck lately it’s …


    Yall should come to Import Alliance spring meet at ATL motor speedway

    Frank Mani Jr

    There goes some rare turbos. Only 44 of those cars produced, crazy.

    Christian Wyche

    Burning oil

    Jordan Michael

    Can u plz add more of the 13th hoodies


    More outside angles! Wanna see the improvements man


    Have just subscribed I have just watched alot of videos and dope.

    Thomas Tran

    All that money you making. Might have to invest in a truck and trailer hahah

    Marquise Thomas

    9:17 "omg there goes Christian" hold up which one ?

    Marquise Thomas

    randy car breaks
    comment section rags him for not working on his own vehicles
    randy works on his own car
    it breaks I bet he wont work on his cars ever again

    Marquise Thomas

    I'm so used to this nigga clickbaiting I didnt click the video

    Becon O’Light

    If only someone linked Matt's channel above! You're slipping guys. =o)~

    Nathan Sazon

    Are those battles on the skyline?


    F. The video i watched before this was the one where the guy was making the gtr and i sub to him see the most recent vid, and now its gone

    Edit: nvm!, its a different car, my dumbass.

    Professional Rookie

    Hahahahaha awww randy I know how ya feel. I have 2 holden commodores 1 is V6 auto the other an SS (V8) manual and the SS gives me so much grief currently its parked up waiting for the engine to be rebuilt 😔 my childhood dream car and the fight to keep it legal and running is an ongoing battle. Lucky it's worth the hastle lol!!!

    Joshua Mathews

    How did you get all your cars registered in CA w all the CARB bs? Are Skylines still like upwards of $8k just to register?

    Angel Campos

    When are the s13 sweaters going to ship out I bought one last week and still haven’t got a shipping email


    Are you restocking bad luck hoodies?!?!?

    Mohd Daanish Amyr Mohd Ashraff

    I guess thats what u get when u didnt upgrade the engine

    Vikash Jaikaran

    single turbo time

    Ix S n e a K Iv

    Looks like the bad luck shirt should’ve been for the GTR 😅

    Leylanie Poops

    Hey whats up at all the illiminate squad u guys are dope as fuck all ur cars are bad ass fukk I have a quick question I have a 2006 Acura stx and I'm planning on putting a new exhaust system on it and it's my first time doing it what do u recommend me to put on it so it could be loud but not an ugly sound something nice any suggestions will be much appreciated guys thank you


    Yeah rings and turbo are toast

    Jose Torres

    he gave him a shutout and this dude didn't even say his channels name lol

    Gustavo Costa

    Single Turbo and Tubular Manifolds, it will sounds like Bryan’s Skyline of 2fast


    Is there gonna be more bad luck that are gonna come to the shop cuz they’re sold out and I didn’t get on 😔

    Sway Mochi

    No one of my favorite cars

    Alexandru Muresan

    He shouts him out but doesn’t say his channel or a link lmao

    Fairshake Media

    Teacher: Your homework is all wrong

    Me: I shoulda let Luke do it

    wheelie_ cam

    #single turbo coming 😂😂

    Thien Tran

    Always prep your new turbo before installing it. Ppl always mistake to prep their turbos.

    Alex Murillo

    Should have bought new turbos not used turbos bruh

    Your Favorite TL

    Yo where you guys @ Glendale?

    Andreas Nørgaard

    an asian driving a riced out gtr in usa.. the only reason why it died


    if he dont get that wack ass track shit off the grange

    Ryan Yuen

    Maybe I’ll take the Skyline GT-R R32 to bring in my City of New York, Maybe?

    A Ho

    Issa fact. Pretty girls like dumb guys with money. Lol

    MLGsquadz RTG

    4:47 E39 Gangggg

    BiG Cheese

    He shouldve gotten the turbos rebuilt.


    that's what happens when randy decides to work on his own car… shoulda left it to luke! #shouldaleftlukeinstalltheturbos

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