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Barn Find Porsche Becomes A Twin Turbo Frankenstein Build: Rod Emory’s 356 RSR

Main Barn Find Porsche Becomes A Twin Turbo Frankenstein Build: Rod Emory’s 356 RSR

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    Rod Emory is a legend in the Porsche game – so when he’s got a new build, you know it’s going to be worthy of an in-depth look. His 356 RSR is no exception to …

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    Do you like your Porsches Factory and Pure or Wide Bodied & Highly Modified?!

    Adam Cichon

    Very, very cool car, but… it's so messed up in details.
    1. The rear wheel arches overlays missing one screw at the front bottoms, and all four overlays had visible gaps between them and fenders. Ugly!
    2. Hood scoop is too square. Why they did not trace the outline of the hood? Ugly!
    3. Why there is no wire mesh in rear fender scoops? Why they are just holes in fenders? Ugly!
    4. Sweet Jesus, God allmighty, those wire meshes in front grill!!! Did they mold them on their knees?? UGLYYY!!!
    I admire all the work, uniqeness and badassery, it's really a dream car for some, but who know what else is messed up in this car?

    S. Hahn

    0:12Min – The turbo sound is so massive, that the broken lamp on the top worked for one second again:D


    What’s the stuff in the floor called? Hard Dua? I can’t figure it out lol


    The grill has the same effect as the legendary brown note


    Doesn't even look like a 356 anymore, Looking like some kinda 911/Boxster hybrid.

    Perry Anderson

    gee..your relatively clean shaven……awesome

    stephen preece

    work of art love it

    Emil Kuttel

    Front needs more aggression. Some old school style splitter or something.
    Go back and look at the render? Amazing build none the less.

    Andy Nixon

    Got to say it , it looks awful .


    0:13 The bulb light approved the car setup

    พนธกร ทิศกระโทก

    What brand is this wheel

    bor alter

    looks like crap

    Mikael S-P

    Oh god….


    I love how much this guy is reppin' Oregon!

    Devon Aragon

    Saw dudes posting this from a KW track day I bet it rips!

    callin petzer

    Those wheels look so sick. I want them on my stock 1 litre little hyundai hatch back😂😂😂

    marcus bernau

    1900lbs maan I show would love to feel her pull! that's an amazing build. good job

    William Henderson

    Momo for the win. Love the old school feel of this car. The knowledge and experience this guy has is amazing.

    Chris Williment

    Car is awesome. Only one thing was the engine for me. Can't see why you'd cut an engine in half and weld together. When all you've got to do is grab a Subaru boxer 2.5 litre and easily building a 400hp plus motor from there.


    not sure why they chose water cooled turbo's for an air cooled motor and run them dry and open
    is it more a style car than driven/used properly?


    Rod is a legend!!!

    I AM Design Products

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Unreal

    Christopher Puls

    Hi , a air intake over roof begin to back, to cooling like turbinchen Power the turbe with Stauladung like the tiger 9ff? And flap in exhoust and the intake over rear is like a Bretzel and cut the rear window in two sides by smal in mid like venturi channel and hslf air go to cool and rest to turbo , flap flapped flappy like the exhoust flaps and a line of mirrow in climb air air window defusors by sides make look back and bring air rotsition of aerodynamic to the channels on back sides ass in 🙂



    tyler unrau

    Looks like a car you would find on midnight club dub edition remix when they couldn’t copyright the original so they changed it a bit but still kinda looks the same

    Mik Donalds

    YUCK!!! Looks like a south African abortion


    One of the most beautiful Porsches I've ever seen. Love how raw it is.

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