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Be Sure to Hold your MK7's Nuts

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    Be sure to hold these nuts to prevent damage to your MK7! – Products in video – 10mm Flat Wrench for MQB Ignition Coil Nut …


    I Gave a thumbs up before the video even started.

    Jordy Worley

    Before shopdap I was busting nuts left and right on my volkswagen. Not anymore! Thanks shopdap!

    Nicholas Coward

    It's criminal these videos don't get more views.

    Peter Cimone

    I just use a small pair of vice grips for this. Works like a charm.

    Nathan Rose

    lol who thumbs down this shit? People that don't like nuts I guess.

    Scunner Darkly

    I had three coil packs fail in a year on my 1.8t. My fault too, I neglected to check the spark plugs for around three years and when I did the gaps were all around 1.5mm. Quite surprising the car ran but run it did and gave no sign the plugs were way past their best. They must have been working so hard to bridge the gap and as expected I didn’t have any more failures once the plugs were replaced.


    You should do some kinda sale to celebrate this!


    missed opportunity with "crack your nut loose"

    shoulda been "bust your nut" :

    Chuck Ashton

    Back when the earth was still cooling I bought a set of craftsman ignition wrenches. Handy when changing out points in a distributor. Yes I'm old. Nice that there is a modern wrench equivalent. Wrench wench at the end, excellent.

    Petr Valenta


    David Ross

    Patches O'Houlihan is disappointed

    Dante Moncrieffe

    Imao! I felt this video on a personal level. I took an impact and put it right on top of the bolts holding it in place WITHOUT holding the nut, all of my wrenches were too fat so I said β€œwhat’s the worst that can happen. Needless to say I YANKED One of the ground wires out. Had to go parts hunting and rewriting that day πŸ˜‚

    Mk7.5 RWagon


    dallas browning

    Wheres the s4!!???

    A P

    me: How not to bust a nut

    Bradley Thirumurthi


    James Kaminski

    I literally just watched the epicurious video on cracking every nut nd then saw this…..too many nuts going on here πŸ˜‚ they are literally right next to each other in the inbox lmao


    That POS peanut car

    JdubisMe _

    I seen on one of the mk7 fb pages, guy was talking about holding our nuts lol I know now where he got it from.

    Dave Henderson


    Ross Bowman

    Best wrench comerical I have ever seen. I think you deserve an award for it.


    Do you make one for the TDI also?

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