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BENZ BATTLE! — 2020 Mercedes GLE vs. 2020 Mercedes GLC: Comparison

Main BENZ BATTLE! — 2020 Mercedes GLE vs. 2020 Mercedes GLC: Comparison

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    If you’re lucky enough to get a NEW Mercedes crossover, which BENZ packs the most style, luxury, and technology for $65000?? Should you get a …

    Brian Brown

    Good video to compare the two cars from the same maker rather than different marques. It is still good for the UK although the steering will be on the correct side. In the end it's down to size, bigger is often better.

    Snow G

    What is the difference between GLE350 and GLE450? Is GLE450 bigger?

    Justin Urquhart

    If money is no object what do you recommend getting? I really like the GLE!

    Reaz Kamal

    Sorry, but this is a terrible compassion. You can't have 1 car (GLC) decked out with all the options in the world and the other (GLE) basically a stock car and then say things like you get a Pano roof on the GLC, which you don't btw. it's a $1500 option to add the Pano roof. On the GLE it cost $1000 for the pano. Same thing with the rear climate and heated seats. all are added options on the GLC that can also be added to GLE. It's simply not a fair compassion. Add the same options on the GLE and them make a video.

    Jay Mac

    Could you check out a GLE450 three row against a GLS450 when the GLS comes out

    Hail To The Chief

    I do not like the way the GLE drives, GLC much smoother vehicle in my opinion

    Tim Dohov

    amg glc 43 face lift 🧔🏼🤫🤫

    John Bradfield

    Excellent comparison, the best I've seen by far. Thank you and well done!

    Arshad Hanifa

    I think glc is good


    My initial reaction to the thumbnail was that this is an “apples to oranges” comparison, given the size and powertrain differences of these models, but you have surfaced an interesting way to think about comparing models when viewing them primarily through a price lens.   Since most buyers are managing to a budget, it does make sense to evaluate what your money buys within different models, and how those features align with your priorities.  In this case, a full sized, more luxury oriented GLE that is modestly optioned to a compact, and sportier GLC that is fully equipped.   A traditional comparison is the same class of vehicle across different manufacturers, but this is indeed a valid comparison across different classes but within the same manufacturer given the similar price points. Well done!  This out of the box thinking is why you continue to be among my favorite channels.

    Anthony C Brown

    Mason got it 100% right. The GLE has refinement and comfort at an incredibly high level. Have either of you driven the 4-cylinder in the GLE and was it adequate? Thanks as always for your work. The comparisons are fun.

    Stacy Steele

    Glc looks better and seems that you get more for your money. FYI, love that saddle brown leather—but not sure when Mercedes is finally going to roll this line out. Been waiting for months.

    Ryan Frisby

    Oh, and, according to my cousin, that Woodspring Suites photobombing in the beginning is a nice hotel.

    Ryan Frisby


    Jerald Matthews

    Great comparison.


    Very insightful indeed.. as always Great review guys.👏

    Ridge Radebe

    Kinda clickbaity

    Yellow Circle

    I prefer the glc 😍

    Daniel Hernandez

    The GLE looks feels way better! I'm not sure if I'd ever put a Mercedes-Benz in my driveway but they deliver a good product. That's something that BMW and Audi can't match.

    Devon Gee

    calling it at the beginning: GLE is better

    Edit: I am VERY sad that GLE got half a point for that big of a towing gap but I'm glad I guessed the right car this time 😆😆

    Darrion Tunstall

    I love all Mercedes!! I don’t know which one I would Choose, I want a Mercedes eqc or jaguar I pace or Tesla for my first car!

    Le Juventino

    Amazing comparison, thanks a lot 👍 .. both cars are great

    Hans Pierre

    92nd view, 12th like and 2nd comment!! F for Mercedes…

    toufik lebcir algeria

    Good video

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