Thursday, March 23, 2023

Best Backward Entries in my JZX100 Chaser!

Main Best Backward Entries in my JZX100 Chaser!

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    Took a trip up to Thompson CT to drive and hang out with the lock city group – always a blast! I’ve got the chaser feeling better than ever before with all the …

    Eric Kananowicz

    I’s there gonna be anymore events there with In the next week that you’ll be at

    Mike Hunt

    Adam please look at getting a 326 power wing for the chaser, they look sick! Look up Martin Wonnacotts chaser

    Aryan Zahir

    What's funny is that the Chaser was probably used by an old man in Japan before.

    John Simons

    Dude those backies are sick!💪👍🤩

    Tom Patrick

    Collete's wheels stunting on everything there!!!!!!!!!

    Marvin Harris

    Collet just doesnt feel the same as nicole

    Bagged 280

    I reckon Adam needs the exact same bodykit wheel setup on his chaser on japan

    Lach Cav

    awesome video

    Gameinggirlszone- Roblox

    Get an e hydro e brake u will snap the hand brake xd

    Shane Harris

    This Chaser is my favourite car of yours and you drive it hard!! Love it


    what mirrors do you use?

    Cameron Priddis

    Wanna see some foot cam clips

    Patrick Boyes

    Like so he sees

    Adam I have an idea. For a different angle of drift cam, one I haven’t seen. You should mount a GoPro on like the spoiler area (facing forward ofc & much like a roof cambut) just a little higher and then include the foot cam you use and we can see what foot braking does more clearly.

    sam_the _man

    Who else got an ad about RAID SHADOW LEGANDS


    To the 1% of people who see this have a great day/night and I wish you all the best stay safe!
    Be grateful for everything in your life❤️

    Khane Carroll

    Where’s the s15 have not seen it in soooo long 😭

    Liam Jacob Clayton-Jones

    Do any of these guys know how to do up there helmets?


    Man I'm so pissed someone stole that ebisu sticker!

    Trent Crompton

    The Mrs is driving good too

    Trent Crompton

    Fink would be proud 😂👍

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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