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Best barn find ever? 45 sports cars hidden in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 70

Main Best barn find ever? 45 sports cars hidden in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 70

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    Why is this the greatest barn find collection? Aside from the vast spectrum of American and European sports cars, every single one of these cars is for sale.


    I'll bet Tom sold half this inventory ten minutes after this video went live…

    joe zanella

    Even having so many toys does not mean it going to last forever, such a shame.

    Michael Cook

    Reedville has some great dockports for larger boats…at a better price than some of the fancy places. Great fishing there too.

    Geoffrey De Maesschalck

    Tirol is in Austria πŸ™‚ next to Germany. Cool episode, but too many European cars, got plenty of these here LOL.


    Nice mars red GTI. I have a series 1 1980 GTi 5speed in black.

    Steve Mfr

    The 911 is an '84 or '85 3.2L Carrera (there was never really a factory 2.8 for the street (notwithstanding the '73 RSR of which some were registered for road use) – only late 60's/early 70's race motors). It has motronic injection, which makes it a 3.2L – the previous model, the '78-'83 3.0L SC had CIS mechanical fuel injection. The round switches and AC control panel (center console) have the earlier, conical shape which was changed to a slightly more modern bulbous design in 1986. The 'Porsche' script on the rear reflector was also changed from black lettering to a translucent pattern in the reflector for the '86 MY. The Fuchs wheels appear to be 16 X 6's in front and 16 x 7's in the rear. A factory M491 'turbo-look' option would generally have had 16 x 7's in front and 16 x 8's in the rear (these can be distinguished relatively easily by the amount of 'dish'; 16 x 6's have no dish while the 8" wide wheels have a nice amount of dish) for 1984 and 85 – the later turbo-look cars had 16 x 9's. The flares were only welded onto the 930's on earlier cars (I don't remember when the change was made), but the later 930's (and I am pretty sure the M491 turbo-look optioned cars) all had one piece quarters and fenders. Even if they were welded flares, though, the weld is way up in the quarter panel. It is easier to feel on the fenders in front as the added flare sections were smaller so you don't have to reach in as far. That said, on factory cars "feeling" the seam under the undercoat was tough. Based on the wheels, I'd say this was a regular narrow bodied '84 or '85 3.2L 911 Carrera with flares added later.


    Tyrol is not in Germany. It's in western Austria, actually the Austrian Alps,renowned for it's excellent ski resorts

    Graeme toobux

    What about the SP250 Daimler, wow. that would have been the first car I looked at

    Mark Macpherson

    You should have done a part two on this one Tom. Would love to have seen the whole collection. Watching from Australia where we can't find collections like these, sooo jealous …

    Orlando T

    How could you not tell if the 240 Volvo was a turbo model…? It clearly was smh… jk it wasn't.

    erick wisher

    The best video

    wayne p

    what is going to happen to the various pieces of shop equipment and the tool boxes and the tools inside them and scattered around the shop..

    Mauro Villegas

    Do you know how much he’s asking for the vw caddy pick up


    Really loved seeing the watercooled VWs (Caddys, Rabbits, GTIs). Love this stuff! 43 minute episode to boot!

    Way’s Coatings

    Love hagerty by progressive let me see that whale tail 911 cabroliet in my driveway I will wax her with a diaper and give it love like your great grandma πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ‘

    wheelingndealing life

    So you own all these cars that gather dust and boom your dead…time flys friends..Id rather have one car that is cool and drive the heck out of it and actually enjoy it…

    Jeremy hanna

    There not on his website I wonder if leno or Corolla or Seinfeld got to him bought it all


    Id love to see that 912 rebuilt by you guys

    brian d

    Is the 912 T for sale?

    Mike Hatch

    why do you call rust or corrosion cancer ? Cars don't get diseases.


    I'll take those tool boxes!

    John Draper

    Great episode, wonderfully diverse and well stored group of vehicles with a great story. Thanks so much for taking the extra time presenting them.
    Happy Holidays !
    Is it at all possible to purchase a Barn Find Hunter Tee – Shirt ?

    VW Insanity

    You had me at the Rabbit Pickups (VW Caddy) Oh would be so cool to get my hands on on of them. The tailgates alone are worth a fair few $$$ but a complete car WOW. I what 2 I am trying to make one complete one out of but have lots of work to do. Love this episode!!!!

    Island Joe 45

    I'll take that 4×4 5.0 5sp manual F150 XLT shortbed in a heartbeat

    Joe Barrier

    Less than a handful impressed me. I hope he didn't pay much or he will lose his shorts as many of these are not original, not numbers matching and missing critical parts. The best and most provocative vehicle in this clip was your station wagon.

    ajazi72 J

    How much for the SL Benz ?

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