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BEST FAMILY CUV! — 2020 Honda CR-V vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4: Comparison

Main BEST FAMILY CUV! — 2020 Honda CR-V vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4: Comparison

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    Join us as we pit the REFRESHED 2020 Honda CR-V vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4 in this REMATCH, and see which one is the BEST crossover for you and the family!

    Snotty Scotty

    18" wheels are lighter than 19" wheels. Plus the taller tires on the smaller wheels are better for an SUVs. 5:29 The Honda door is easier to close because it has the door handle is in the middle the armrest for better leverage

    TDrew 3

    I’d take the Honda

    Brown Thought

    Drove both for extended periods, including the CX5, the CX5 was my favorite to drive but the Honda was the only one I could live with everyday. The cargo capacity was a a huge factor. The rav cabin is louder than my 2012 taco, couldnt do it….wife changes changes cars every 5 years anyways 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Paul Carlo

    Toyota – just ask Scotty Kilmer


    Honda engines are having dilution problems. Avoid at all costs.



    narend grg

    Crv not good in cold weather, i also drive my friend’s rav4- feels great compared to honda

    Montague Lord

    Great comparison! Looking forward to the hybrid version comparison.

    Anant Dabholkar

    You forgot 1 big point, reliability. Tiny turbo engine with CVT vs a naturally aspirated engine with 8 speed tranny. Honda dropped the 2.4 which was a decent engine. Too bad.


    Oh, HONDA drastic changes on the "OUTSIDE" CRV that make people say THAT'S A HONDA CR-V! YOU COMPLETELY CHANGED THE CIVIC, ACCORD AND THE TRUCK! WHAT HAPPEN WITH THE CR-v? You don't like it anymore! I have my flyer from 1982 for my Honda Accord! I am good on the rest of CR-v!


    Sometimes you’d jump past .5 to giving them 1 full point. You also gave some of the RAV4’s points to Honda. Like with the passenger seat control.

    T R

    Nevermind these, it will be more interesting to see the hybrids. Toyota’s real world MPGs are going to be better with the electric motor powering the rear wheels. Toyota’s hybrid system total power output is more than the Honda, too. That’s not including the upcoming Rav Prime.

    It’s subjective, but I prefer the Toyota styling as well.
    The Rav4 Prime is going to sell like hotcakes!

    Miso Honey

    Take the Toyota, unless you want some fuel in your oil. LOL

    Dennis W

    Honda has had oil dilution issues with the 1.5L GDI Turbos. Toyota beats Honda for reliability. I am not a fan of CVTs either

    Lucas Naceri

    Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV)

    Lucas Naceri


    Edward Reyez

    Stupid decision making this car bigger.. because they want to get big interior and trunk space! Now they are struggling about power! This car started small suv.. very bad decision..

    James Jerome

    Good review. Suggest you add summary of advantages for each car at end of the video

    Spencer’s ASMR

    Anyone else a Car Confections addict here?? I am ❤️


    Either are good buys. Both are durable for those who plan to keep them for a long time and both retain their values well for those who plan to make their next purchase in 4 or 5 years. I am not a fan of CVT's but if any company can make them right, it would be Honda.

    Dexter Paglinawan



    CR-V is better.


    Chrome – it's bad, not good.

    Carl Zapotny

    honda makes good motorcycles thats all i know i had a cb 750 great bike.

    Carl Zapotny

    you should test the le models not the more expensive models .


    I work at Gates Honda sell the CRV and I can also sell the RAV 4 down the street at our Toyota Store #GetYoursNext

    Dustin Hart

    I work at Toyota. I drive a 2019 Honda Accord. I love my car a lot and I do like the CR-V. I’d go for the CR-V because I rented a 2018 RAV4 from my job and a 2019 RAV4. The 18 was honestly so smooth, it was laid out very simple, VERY decent power for its size and tons of room. The issue is….the 2019 has a very jerky transmission and the engine is VERY loud inside the cabin. It also rides very rough compared to the 2018. This is just my take on things but I do like the CR-V a lot more than the 2019 RAV4.

    Eric Ko

    Rav4 all day everyday! Honda won't locate your car if you don't pay for Honda Link if it gets stolen. That scummy Honda!

    Alex Lee

    I like the exterior design of the RAV 4 but I am surprised at how good the interior of the CRV is

    Marlon Umali

    Has the safety features been compared?


    You guys do the best reviews


    idk how you driving like that, your position is to far from steering wheel

    T 15

    I'd take the Honda.

    Gus Morales



    Can you do the 2020 ct5v with the platinum package next? Or just a ct5 in general?

    Stel Toronto

    Excellent video you just got a new sub…👍😎


    Stay away from CRV.. The oil dilution problems in the 1.5T engine sucks.

    The Mans Wars

    Subcribe To Car Confections And Thanks to Honda.

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