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    GET YOUR MERCH HERE! I could not STAND the bumper dump anymore so I decided to cut it off an make a hood dump! Yes it’s ignorant!

    Alex Podolsky

    Hit up the boosted boiz


    Ruddy dude!!! Turn the speed of that wire feed way down and the heat up.

    hardhag garage

    Nice radiator warmer you got there, car should have no problem getting up to temp. If this comment gets a hundred likes Chris will launch a can of beans out of the hood dump.

    ricers are friends not food

    Sounds like your heat and wire speed settings aren’t right brotha. Not trying to be rude

    Pistol Ass

    Lmk of anyone interested in a 30th addition subaru legacy 1999 bits of mods located in abq NM snap- zcarloss679


    Not even switching to flux core wire… And using wrong polarity…. No shit it welds crap..

    Danny Ortega

    Props on the skin care rud no clownin

    Dylan Burge

    If it don’t sound like bacon sizzling while welding. Turn the tempo up. 😊

    Jacob Reyes

    Yeah put the flames right next to the radiator

    William Bosch


    Swiss Roll

    Thank fucking Christ you got rid of that bumper dump. Drived me fuckin insane.

    Sayd Wolfe

    get the tri mix gas instead of argon imo

    Connor K

    what wire are you using? Your wire speed is also wrong, I can hear it.


    You can literally get a bottle of co2 to weld lol

    Connor K

    bout to melt your radiator

    Ben Gaudreault

    get a miller welder they do a much better job. Or get flux core wire for yours so you don't need gas.

    A Walsh

    Can I get a ❤ for the Irish? 🇮🇪

    Lound AnNnd Proud

    That poor radiator 😳⚰️⚰️⚰️

    Andres Berrones

    You dont need gas you need to adjust speed and temp, that machine will weld really good without gas

    Wiliam Fontaine

    Yeah man you should keep the hood dump on the civic I agree it would look way cooler

    Nathan Bennett

    Let your friend drive the civic

    David Gosch

    You need to make longer videos my dude

    Kyle H

    Turn the damn feed speed down

    Karl Werosta

    you dont need gas for flux core wire. you can literally figure that out with a 30 second google search. look at the cheat sheet on the inside of the welder it will tell you what speed/ heat to run at. when you get gas and switch to a solid wire, make sure to switch the polarity(negative and positive leads)

    isaac teng

    I remember a long long time ago watching the first video of that kid with the miata and then I dont know if it was this channel but one of the cars caught fire or something like that but man that old miata was trash

    Harry Honeyman

    Diesel swap the ricermiata dooood

    Rick Humphries

    No gas keep close low settings and lay you work on its side weld down on it. That will help a lot.


    High heat an move fast will help with flux core splatter

    Nick Lagnese

    Are you running flux core or just mig with no O2/Argon. Cause if you don’t have any gas just use flux core shielded wire. Welds won’t be perfect but will be a shit ton better than that!!

    Swedish Citizen

    i can hear Moog say "will this fit my honda from australia"

    Nick McNabb

    What ECU are you running on the Civic ??

    Phil Brown

    Get some damn gas and take your time when welding


    theres hack……. then theres Rudnick

    Cheyenne Gonzalez Ramirez

    Cut it at an angle! 😊

    tyler massey

    For mig you need mix gas. 75 argon 25 co2. Pure argon is for tig

    J.T. Field

    3:203:37 me in my girls ear

    Shawn Jacobi

    Do not get argon gas for steel !

    Riley McBride

    pleaseeee put a tractor flap on the hood dump

    Joe stanley

    You should slash cut the up pipe instead of a straight cut to be a little different !!! Keep up the content been here since day one over in the UK !!!

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