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Best small family cars for 2019/2020 | carwow Top 10

Main Best small family cars for 2019/2020 | carwow Top 10

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    Looking for a family car but don’t want to follow the crowds and go for an SUV? Then look no further! Mat has pulled together his top 10 favourite small family …

    Kostas Mats

    Looking for a family car but don't want to buy an SUV? If you have one kid pick any car from the list, set your priorities straight, looks/reliability/warranty/anything, and you can't go wrong. If you have 2 kids or more and you don't want to put a roof box get the Octavia, the Civic or an estate.

    Максим Фетисов

    bmw f20 lci 👍👍👍


    Where is Audi q2?

    Imo Mama

    Kia Cee apostrophe D

    Shiva P

    Please do 2019 Porsche Macan S review!

    Arief Abdullah

    Can you make mercedes gle 63 amg review

    Blake Swan

    Shame the 1 series is dying to fwd sadness.

    Ahmed El Hadidi

    Car wow plz do a Kia k900 luxury pack car


    @BMW_SA I trust that the next generation 1 series is gonna be better than the previous version especially when it comes to the space for passengers & boot space


    Talks about the Astra closes with badly designed boot. I think Vauxhall, badly designed… yup sound right.

    Lisa Rogers

    My brother might disagree about what was said about the Skoda Octavia. He's just bought his 3rd Octavia. OK they are all the Octavia vRS.

    MK Automotive

    M140i, there is no arguments to take another one.

    Aliosman Bilal

    Dont lie piople

    ziryeb bensenane

    Seat leon ?

    KP Nuts

    What do people here recommend: buying or leasing? Just interested to know what the pros/cons are from people who have done either.

    KB Eightyseven

    The new focus genuinely is a really nice car

    Abderrahim Ould-Rouis

    1 series is always the best.

    Rui d’Sousa

    Bring more TOP 10's 😀

    Dieter Lesch

    Anyone else from 🇿🇦?

    Denis Malembeka

    Mazda 3? Impreza hatchback?

    Marcelo Raffo

    Really love the Focus. Excellent choice Carwow

    Anton F

    Boring selection

    Alexander Georgiev

    Everything fine, but Ford means – Fix or repair daily, so ……………… next review please:-)

    Nicolas Tallegas

    Mazda 3, Peugeot 308, Megane 4 ?

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