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    In today’s episode we are racing Tavarish in a heads up best out of 3 drag race, to see who bought and built the best car off eBay Motors! Download the ebay …

    B is for Build

    Hey guys before talking any negative stuff about our sponsor ebay motors, please read this. Ebay has a 100K vehicle purchase protection policy. If we would have gotten the car and done a compression test and found the engine was bad, i would have gotten a refund. BUT we have no idea if the engine was bad when we got the car, or when i hammered the hell out of it doing test passes during R&D, or other things. We dont know if i broke it doing mods, or not. So, be smart, dont be like me, do a compression test on a car ( or hell, even test drive it! ) and then if something is wrong, you are covered.

    Roxane Ellesansailes

    I live near the drag strip let me know when you go back please. I want to meet you and watch.

    Matt Misanthropy

    Could give it to any charity. Gives it to murderers 😂


    "Almost had me?" "YOU NEVER HAD ME! YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR"…..LMFAO. 'It doesnt matter if you are winning by a car or by a mile. Winning is winning!" Also, "You owe me a 10 second car and not a 10 min car"

    Chuck Langham

    Hey! I live in Tavares FL. What are you doing with one of our trash cans? Lol

    Victor Pikulik

    B is for Blow By

    Brax t

    Your problem B is for B is that stupid tiny restrictive air filter your running .. toss that in the trash

    Justin Fijak

    It didn’t look like you had lsd/posi. I don’t think any SC came with lsd. If that’s the case I’d be changing that.


    Hey. Shit breaks. Now let’s go back to a JZ power plant.

    Taylor Andersen

    B is for Bonehead.

    Becon O’Light

    "We've secretly replaced Chris' normal Nitros with Co2. Let's see if he notices."

    Cameron Hendley

    where is the supra


    what happened with the "B is for boat"? please give us an update

    Ask to seduce Miss

    Was sitting here like man that strip looks so familiar.Then I realized this was Bradenton, my childhood hometown. Didn't realize Tavarish is in that area.

    Timothy Wolleck

    FYI asking people not to post negative comments is like throwing fuel on the fire. eBay should have paid you guys to not post this series😂

    boob tube

    Ebay sponsored to show Ebay is great!! …. Builds a turd

    Joshua Best

    Subscribed because you support Veterans. Everyone else seems to take a dump on us. So, thank you!

    Tile’n dyna guy

    Probably has flat tops and open chamber heads, if it does, it Never had the compression they said from the start. Take it apart, That motor was that way from the get

    Red Rolo

    Tavarish's car, with a driver mod, might actually be pretty good. The Lexus however….ehhh something was wrong XD


    Hope you didnt use teflon tape on the nitrous and fuel lines, it will plug the jets and solonoids

    Jonathan McCallum

    cris can you finish the supra.

    Aaron Ochoa

    Way cool Freddie! Get suspensión figured out, I’d love to see what that Honda could really do. That thing is wicked fast! Gonna be following that SC300 as well, curious how that will turn out. Hope yo rebuild that engine, also capable of a lot more 🙂 what a cool series

    Jeepsterdaddy 37

    That's a tiny air filter for a v8 and the power you were shooting for. Probably the reason why you stayed pig rich

    harry fleming

    You never had me…you never had your car! Yes Freddie!!

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