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    Ricer Miata poster Pre order now live on the site!!! I need your guys help… I want to make the ricer Miata sick but I’m on the fence of what …


    13b swap

    Guildenstein foutch

    Noooo bro leave the roadster alone its perfect. Put the ls in something else

    Nicholas Weston

    Turbo 1.8

    Nicholas Weston

    Leave the roadster as is

    James Cook Jr.

    Chris put the LS in the OG Miata you’ll have confidence and power to keep up with all the others as well as you still have to play with the paddles a lot because you have the power to keep up so you have to do a lot of modulation with the throttle and brakes pedal clutch pedal to keep up with us 800 to 1000 hp cars and also to Adam Elsies SR 20 is built so he’s able to keep up with those high horsepower cars 👍😊

    austin coutu

    K swap it see if you can get k tuned to sponsor it


    I think all 3 of those are boring. Rotary swap it.

    John Gorgis

    i would never trust any cx racing parts

    David Foster

    If the E36 has too much power to do anything other than drift it, what do you think it’s gonna do in the Roadster? Lol Boost the 1.8, leave the Sr in the roadster, and sell the E36 to find other projects, or keep the E36 and keep slaying tires!


    Don't mess with the white sr20 just throw the ls into the ricer miata and call it a day

    Sergio Sanchez

    Coyote swap the ricer Miata


    how much to sell the ls bmw as is


    Turbo 1.8


    U should k swap one of the miatas


    what about a k20/24 swap? maybe high reving na or just a turbo, or like some other says a 13b

    Cory Day

    Put the ls in the ricer Miata

    Monkey Wrench Cycles

    Boosted K20 or k24 in ricer Miata funded by selling the e36 drift car. Accomplish your goal of getting rid of one car and add a super solid engine platform to the stable. LS is so blah nowadays. If you really don’t wanna go that route then build and boost the ricer Miata engine. Don’t mess with the roadster!

    Nate Massaro

    Super charge ls and put it in ricer Miata

    Nate Massaro

    Leave roadster alone

    Nate Massaro

    Supercharge the river Miata drift car

    anthony cutler

    KA swap

    El lee oh

    You say you don't want to add another engine to the fleet why not rebuild the gtr engine and swap it in the og rice miata that would be ignorant AF 👍👍from this guy

    J Mart

    Ls swap the ricer miata and drop a supercharger on that bitch!

    zain alkadban

    What about turbo beams… Don't know much about them but they are reliable and love limiter.

    Alex Fox

    Turbo the 1.8 100% i’d love to see an OG style

    Ratt Attacc

    leave the roadster alone

    Jose Hernandez

    Las swap the ricer Miata and leave the roadster alone


    K20/k24 turbo!!

    tyler ramirez


Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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