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Biggest Automotive Design Letdowns, Mercedes Axes 8 Cars, RV Revival – Daily Driver

Main Biggest Automotive Design Letdowns, Mercedes Axes 8 Cars, RV Revival – Daily Driver

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    Mercedes cuts a shocking number of cars. People like RVs again, sort of. Ford hires a robot dog. Plus, the worst automotive let-downs of the last 30 years.

    Fixin Bugs and Stuff

    Oh VW what are you doing?


    GM kept those Aztec designers for today’s GM trucks! Ugly!
    Take the word Chevrolet, matter of fact let’s spell it out in huge font across the front..wouldn’t want to forget what you drive.

    For Wakanda

    Hey Tom swing by the Midwest lots of barn finds Sir.

    Jason Sibray

    Whoa!! You broke the teleprompter rhythm!! Now you're grabbing my ears attention.


    I was going to post the 427 looked like the 300, but you stole my thunder.
    Oh look, I posted it anyway

    Scott Reska

    The Ford 427 concept became the Fusion, not the Ford Five Hundred. The 2007 Ford Interceptor concept became the current Taurus / SHO or at least, some of it did. Not that the SHO is ugly but the Interceptor was stunning. Especially since it was designed with a stick shift

    Samuel Foote

    Damn I forgot about the VW van, that was the biggess let down to me.

    juni Dengin

    Hello hihi👋 my youtube juni Dengin like SUBSCRIBE.

    Philip Nylund

    Good job! Love this format! Keep it up and i'll promise i stop the FLD jokes =)
    And Tiffany, you're awesome <3


    So, If they would have just been honest, and called the Aztec 'The Ugly SUV' it probably would have sold, jus sayin'…And Hey, Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' made it look good! BTW, I don't know who should have been fired…The designer of the Aztec, or the guy above him who approved his design….


    Thank you Hagerty for going back to Tiffany. The male host, no offense, seemed like less of a car guy. Not that Tiffany is……you get the point. She rings genuine.

    Michael Hardy

    4 door coupe is an actual style, same as 2 door sedan is also.


    Literally every vehicle these days has the same shape as the Aztek. That thing was before its time.


    Hey now, I really like the Ford Five Hundred. It looks really nice in black and I like its stock rims.

    UGA Dawgman

    Aztek,. Now look at Ford Escape and 16-18 RAV4 .


    The short lived show Dark Angel tried to use the Aztek as one of those cool post-apocalyptic vehicles. It kind of worked.

    Mr. burns

    Bronco and blazer.

    Mr. burns

    Mercedes are ugly!

    Stephen Moxley

    Thanks for the update, Tiffany. That robot dog is pretty cool. Love the old TV commercials. Keep up the good work.

    Sebastiao Silva

    Gostei mesmo é di você linda

    Bruce Boschek

    This is of no help or use to anyone in my opinion. I'm usually pretty upbeat, but this is just irritating.


    Horrible ‘the fumble’ presentation format. Really irritant. According to me of course. Love me a Aztec by the way 😄

    Richard M. Lowe

    Personally I can do without the cars from overseas


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