Monday, March 27, 2023

Blazer Gets First ILLEGAL Mod! + $200 Pro Cleaning (found blood stains and more…)

Main Blazer Gets First ILLEGAL Mod! + $200 Pro Cleaning (found blood stains and more…)

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    Huge thanks to CR Detailing Check them out! 2019 CORVETTE GRANDSPORT GIVEAWAY LAUNCHES MARCH 12th!

    Street Speed 717

    I think the toilet brush scares me more than the blood… I just want to know what they were doing with it!!!

    Seth Feddema

    Put some Chevy tow mirrors on it 👌🏽


    My strange addiction – Chevy Blazer 1500

    Jesse Priest

    You have enough money after your done making an affordable decent truck. Turn it into a masterpiece kinda like the dirtyMAX food for thought here…

    First Gem

    2 Shane's, 2 Andy's.

    Mark Stel

    Just bought a 5 speed swap 4 door Tahoe

    offroad king

    You should buy a welder and build your own roll cage and make it the extreme off road build


    Trust me on this, go to a auto parts store and get a 3m eraser wheel, it goes on a drill and it will get that adhesive from wind deflectors above the windows off super easy, just don't hold it on one spot too long it'll burn through the paint, just hold it on there til the adhesive is off. Also if you wanted you could use fishing line to get the molding off the bottom on the sides, works better if you use a heat gun first to warm the adhesive, don't just pull it off without using fishing line it could pull paint off with it like it did on mine. But you can use the eraser wheel to remove the adhesive there too

    Caleb Tucker

    What happens to the other Andy

    Mike Mcvay

    NO… Not speaking of the blazer, need to speak on the 720… Just saying… Seems like its been gone for a while!


    Your exhaust was the first ILLEGAL mod, not the tint. Technically your tires are your second "illegal" mod, but if I were inspecting the vehicle I would let it pass. That makes your tint the third illegal mod.


    I honestly like this more than any of your other cars.

    Jared Kaska

    oh my god after watching mike for like 2 years I just realized the 717 in his name is the phone area code he lives in.


    Where’s the grandpa vette?

    Westley Morris

    Not a blazer, it’s a 2 door Tahoe

    Oluwasegun Adebayo

    What if they used it to wipe snow off and forgot about it In there 🤣🤣

    Darrell Hart

    Tuned out for a while, figured you'd hit a million subs already. Not long now.

    Brute 535

    It’s a cheap truck do cheap truck stuff

    Logan King

    @Street Speed 717 is there anyway I could buy that spare tire carrier from you? I tried all the junk yards around here can’t find one😂

    Michael Lettuce

    Please black out the chrome

    Isaac Ortiz

    Please remove the old gunk from the sun guards on the doors 🤮🤮🤮

    Omar Ortiz

    Black out tail lights


    That Blazer is the best thing to ever happen to this channel.

    Nicolas Miller

    Black out your chrome grille and do new headlights/ tail lights

    Steven Noblin

    The toilet brush although disgusting was probably use to clean the wheels


    What’s the place called that you got your windows tinted ? I live half a hour from ya and looking to get mine done

    damien c

    I recommend a 383 stroker.

    Derek Peterson

    Get sum built headlights a d taillights

    Chase DeGas

    He should blackout the chrome and the grill

    Derek Peterson

    Mike did you sell your 720s the green mclaren and are you still fretting the 600LT

    Brandon Richards

    Take the rear seat out and turn it into a camping rig! Roof rack to hold your stuff, air matress in the back!


    Loving the tazea’

    myzair price

    Andy did my tints on my 1998 bmw 318ti pretty freaking cool dude

    Tyler Davidson

    Shoulda went to – 336detailing

    the CHAD

    Needs cat eyes

    Joey Patton

    Now I wanna find me a blazer for my next build…thanks Mike

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