Wednesday, March 29, 2023

BMW M135i xDrive vs Audi S3 Quattro | 0-250km/h ACCELERATION DRAG RACE SOUND & POV by AutoTopNL

Main BMW M135i xDrive vs Audi S3 Quattro | 0-250km/h ACCELERATION DRAG RACE SOUND & POV by AutoTopNL

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    Nicholas Choong

    see thr audi fuel consumtion😅

    Dennis Bernaerts

    This new m135i is not a awd?! Isn't it fwd??

    Paul Reid

    hah S3 all the way, like the DSG sounds a lot. design showing its age now though

    That London Guy

    Both sound gay



    Mohammad Alazzeh

    Voting the better performance for the S3 and the M135I reach 0.100 1st and 250 1st 😂


    BMW >Audi

    Addin Tailor

    Looks like the Audi MURDERED the BMW to 100 kmh by eighty THOUSANDTHS of a second!!!! Audi FTW!!!!111oneone

    Victor Licht

    the s3 is so much nicer tbh

    Enzo Zastrow


    Socratis Giannikos

    Α 45s amg end s3 amazing Bmw not

    Adam Dębowski

    Audi +6.5 C, BMW 16 C, temperature is important

    Hasan Demir

    S3 🐒


    AutoTopNL please do a drag race with BMW M135i vs Audi RS3 to see the all power of Audi RS


    s3 for me!

    Rong Q

    I actually thought the 135i sounds better. The pops and crackles are much louder than the S3

    Hault Rxst

    S3 sounds like a leaf blower what garbage

    brian grey

    bmw sound is best

    Turb 01

    I hope BMW make ///M1 Competition that shared engine from M2 comp and RWD


    Take this into consideration to…. this is a 2019 S3 they are slower then the 2018's BMW really fucked up on this one.

    Fatih Er

    S3 🔥


    I wish the states had more Audi wagons. I like this S3 way better

    Aaron Randolph Chen

    Both are pretty fast hatches, but in terms of exterior styling, the BMW looks fresher while the Audi is starting to look a bit boring. I do love the dials in the Audi much better than the idiotic dials in the BMW though.


    A 2013 vs a 2019 engine. Amazing how ahead vag was making the engine. It was able to keep on the market with even opf. Even the a45 amg is a copy of the solution vag used.


    Audi has lost a bit track recently… Hope they face-lift the A3 models interior and exterior wise as well as motor wise

    Youcant Touhme

    How can the bmw lose if it has that much more torque?


    Audi 👑


    Audi still faster with technique from 2010 xddd nice

    Emilios Powerballer

    Honda Civic Type R: 4 cylinder Turbo 316 bhp top speed 280+ kph. HOW?


    Suenan como el culo los 2🙈

    Al A

    As always, BMW was accurate in the 0-60/0-100 time and Audi exaggerated.


    3:54 Gotta love those DSG farts


    Idk that new bwm looks like a buffed up toyota.

    Gerald Maier

    Love the S3😍

    Grudon lala

    Mercedes a class is better than these two

    Road house

    i still don't get these controlled misfires. it sounds dumb and broken

    Der Gottkönig

    I really hate the new Digital Cockpit from the BMW, The Audi is way better.

    Méliodas DK

    i never tought that one day i'd see a 4 cylinder fwd bmw especially for a sport model. To y'all, you better keep your old 6 cylinder (m135i, 325i, 335i etc…) cuz they'll be treasures in a few years

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 41 total)
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