Tuesday, March 21, 2023

BMW M3 Touring(?!) vs AMG C63 S Estate – DRAG RACE

Main BMW M3 Touring(?!) vs AMG C63 S Estate – DRAG RACE

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    Visit carwow to save money on your next car – It’s time for an estate showdown! Mat’s pulled up in the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate, and …

    keeping up with state house

    2013 Range rover sport vs 2013 hilux


    That m3 is 👌🏻

    Ralph Borres Vlogs

    Ford Mustang 5.0 Vs Camaro zl1 1le next race please

    Chelt scene Uk

    BMW missed a trick there. Thing looks mad

    Martin Evans

    Merc every time

    Hussain Mirza

    The bmw driver sucks

    John Doe

    I would take that beautiful "M3 wagon" in a heartbeat. Rolling races are more representative in the real world anyway.

    Asif Rahman

    "Extra inch is all you need "Matt knows 😉

    Mashaole Makwela

    c63 sounds best


    Should’ve raced that c63 against a m340i, the m340i launches insanely


    Shock.. the lighter, more powerful tuned car won LOL

    Andrei Arama

    Get an xdrive next time

    Lee Drummond

    Absolutely! That Bimmer is badass! Props to Nick for building such an awesome, one off, car.

    Wish Germany would send any hot wagon to the states, really…

    Reza Atabaki

    That’s what I want to do to my F31

    Jack Bauer

    guy wasted 50k on a shit project

    Andruha Novo

    So stock c63 vs tuned m3?

    Justin Koch

    Who is the RS4 ??

    Odey Faraj

    As an amg fan boy, that m3 looks sick


    stock car vs completely tuned " false " m3…. unfair

    Christian Malisz

    Very good race but a simple remap on the c class and the bmw would take it,


    Nick also had a snail's reaction time


    that m3 looks amazing

    Malik Malik

    Wer kommt von DeinUpdate

    Fábio Henrique 3

    See the M5 problem of the @backstage channel in Brazil.

    Kaho Hsieh

    3:12 Eurobeat Intensifies

    Oh that’s Raspberry

    That M3 Touring looks fucking sick!

    ali farahani

    you are a professional jump starter

    Ruksar Ussam

    Black country lads!!!🙌💯

    torres de coninck

    Those soft-limiters, why do they do this? Kinda pointless and definitely ruins the enthusiast experience a bit, would me my first "modification" if I would buy one, removing that stupid limiter
    Still think the C63 sounds a bit better though, I like that low grunt from the V8, M3 is a little bit too raspy for me


    if the AMG C63 S Estate didn’t have a soft limiter it would sound like a fucking monster

    James Bell

    This guy has the best job in the world

    Nachatar Dhaliwal

    Awd will become ubiquitous much like autos. Rwd only is silly

Viewing 33 posts - 1 through 33 (of 33 total)
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