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BMW M5 F10 | Get Your Warranty Ready

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    We review the 2012 BMW F10 M5 supplied by our viewer Jason. This generation M5 ditched the lovely NA V10 in favour of a twin-turbo V8 making roughly …

    Bert 88

    Had F10 M5 for 3 yrs. It was troublesome and luckily I had extended warranty. Some issues: Coolant leaks x 3 ,condenser,charge coolers defective x 3,faulty fender cams,ignition coil issues, herky jerky DCT was never fixed but they tried, front suspension clunk x 2, total shop times over a month. This car is fast but dangerous as hell because the rear tires would spin at almost any speed. My 10th and last BMW M car was dare I say fast but unreliable.


    Another great video… really do enjoy this channel… 👍🏽

    Jace MK7

    Pretty sad knowing the new mid-engine Corvette will eat this M5 alive, for under $60k, while looking and performing like a supercar. I’ll pass on a $120k M5

    J Moe

    Too much baggage. Doesn't look bad but lacks the sinister looks of the E60 M5. I'd pick the E60 with a manual, change the rod bearings and set aside a few bucks for the throttle actuators.

    James Mastroianni

    If you want a german muscle car, look no further than the Mercedes Benz S Class AMG 65. It may cost a quarter million dollars but that's 621hp and 738ft-lb torque.

    Andie the Lab

    GREAT video!


    I disagree with the comments stating the car is unreliable.. Not every one or even the majority are unreliable.. My m6 doesn't burn oil, the only check.engine light I had in 2 years was leaking heaps (gas cap).
    I beat the shit out of my car, drag it, 1/2 mile events.. The car has not let me down

    Show Me What I Need To Know

    Yes; BMWs can have a disgusting amount of squeaks and rattles. You would think they would have this down, by now — being a "luxury" car, and all.

    Mozsár Dániel

    I drive a BMW regularly.
    I use turn signals all the time.
    Just gonna let that sink in.

    Shaun Sweeney

    0:58 sums up BMW M5 ownership nicely

    Dood Ranch

    That intro was a godt damn BANGER

    The Car Crazy Guy

    Rev up your warranties!!!

    Geoff Anderson

    Technical b-roads Jack? Where? All I've seen on savagegeese is straight road for 5 miles, relaxed curve, straight road for another 5 miles, relaxed curve, ad infinitum. I used to think the b-roads around my area sucked compared to Europe, but they're head and shoulders above that.

    Anyway, as always it was an interesting video, especially the undercarriage segment, which still nobody else does. And now I know to avoid these F10 M5 cars like the plague. Keep up the good work!

    E Gibson

    Like before watching, Unlike after I finished… so I could like again.


    I'd rather drive a fun affordable reliable appliance. Excellent review. Who's going to offer a warranty for one of these rides though?

    jmj 7

    Have a '13 Viper GTS that I'd love to see you review. Submitted a request on your website. Car is stock for now :))

    John Henry

    Engineered veneers. It's "wood" but not from any natural tree.

    Deepak Suryawanshi

    Have you wondered how the M5 badge on the sill plate reads more like IMS and reminds you of IMS bearings followed by failures?

    Vladimir Putin

    Good video Mr.Goose


    I like BMWs because they're great driving cars but man, their reliability leaves a lot to be desired. I hope BMW learned a lesson or two about reliability with the collaboration with Toyota, even if it means scaling back some of the technology.

    Khu NoPie

    You are better off buying a Camry with a flatulence resonator and a wing. Stay in school

    eric p

    Just have to say it…I love your (Alan Fowler) outtro music. I have to watch every video to the end for it.


    9:20 I HAD a 2011 BMW 550i with that N63 engine and thank god I got rid of it at 80K miles. I'm in a group page dedicated to N63 engines, and the horror stories I read on there are terrible.

    BMW is replacing engines on these N63 cars, but the owner has to pay a portion of it depending on the mileage. Do NOT own these cars out of warranty.

    Siyamson Pathmanathan

    A maintained m5 shouldn't have engine lights every 3 weeks without a boost leak or poor aftermarket tuning without supporting modifications. German cars may be a little more sensitive to abuse, but can handle it when it's maintained well. My mechanic loaned me one of his buddies m5's a few years back for a couple months. (Spare vehicle for the customer and knew me well as well), these cars need to be in manual with all artifical interior noise coded out. I did that for him and he did the other mods to go with it, it can be an reliable animal. Apart from wear and tear components, a frequent oil changed motor will last headache free.

    Paul Patel

    6:40 bumper is cracked on left side.


    I like the E60 M5 interior better

    Steven Roby

    Get your FRS back. It’s the road feel car Deutsch Mark won’t ever have. Love your videos.


    I can't go to a carwash without seeing that guy and his friends.

    Im Jeerik

    "Poor man's supercar" Lol ok

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