Thursday, March 23, 2023

BMW M850i review – see why my NEW 8 Series is the ultimate GT car!

Main BMW M850i review – see why my NEW 8 Series is the ultimate GT car!

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    It’s time for Mat to swap his daily driver! He’s had his hands on the BMW 840d for the past several weeks, and he’s swapping it for… the M850i! But will the petrol …

    Tarun Kataria

    By far the best video i have seen of you. Do more of these videos please ❀

    Gitonga Kelvin

    Great car but, ultimate GT car? Have you heard of the Bentley Continental?

    Ivailo Markov

    Still, V8! πŸ˜‰

    Sammy 97

    Holy fuck france is expensive 61 liters for 101 euros

    Tymon Gyau

    I thought this was your car

    reginald burks

    Free High end BMW's are the best ! No need to pay for the repairs .

    iYaho Ou

    "Still, V8"πŸ˜‚


    fucking diesel this is not a GT car disgusting!

    pro pubg

    You should do drag race with m8


    My god Europe sucks for car enthusiasts. You should come over to America my dude. Wide lanes, no snobby ferry deuchbags asking why it took you so long to drive forward, an EZ-Pass so you can blow through toll lanes at 65mph. Gorgeous backroads to tear up. And of course $2 gas.

    The Ike

    Matt: Was that the police? Hi
    850i: Damn you let the Mercedes pass us.

    Simanta Dutta

    My motorcycle gives worse milage than that


    Love ur reviews.

    Grant Palmer

    AC/DC – Big Balls…another one to add to the playlist Mat 🀘🎸

    Nintendo j

    God i miss UK

    Saad Alvi

    10:05 lmao i love bmw fans and drivers


    7:50 Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!!!!!!! You coked up Matt it's actually making 523bhp πŸ˜‰

    simon hanlon

    The e31 850CSi is the ultimate GT

    Simon Wilson

    not one of the best, Matt. The Flexi+ story was tedious unfortunately.

    John Elkhoury

    Carwow & Mat rock


    I enjoyed seeing that

    Joe Tsui

    what's the language they are saying? what's that meaning? 13:46


    Pretty good mileage. I only get 21mpg in comparison in a 5.5l BiTurbo V8 pushing 650bhp w/tune.


    Good video. The car is beautiful. If it had a better use of space, I’d almost consider trading in my E63 for one.

    Lukestersim :3

    no matt…you have 523bhp

    Lukestersim :3

    henry catchbae ❀️

    Jace Johnson

    7:56 ear porn.

    Vassiliy Kravtsov

    What a nice car. And a nice video πŸ˜‹

    Ot Smalls

    I rather pick lexus lc500. Its more original design.


    1:54 Name of song ??

    Will Baker

    Where are you covering the 2019 Jaguar XE?




    M850i is gorgeous. It makes you look like a real douche, but in a good way, Mat.

    Farabi Hossain Shayor

    5:55 that's literally me filling up, hate the smell of diesel!!

    TG R.

    he has a GREAT job!

    Adam Woodward



    V8 πŸ˜‚

    Adam Beckett

    Not a BM fan but I do wanna see more travel vlog crap, maybe more challenges and nonsense too I'd love to see this channel become the next Top Gear

    Trey Quattro

    Are Matt and Henry an item now? I hope so because "Menry" needs to be a thing! Or Manry. Hett(y)? …

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