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BMW News & Rumours – No more RWD M135i – New F40 1 Series Launched

Main BMW News & Rumours – No more RWD M135i – New F40 1 Series Launched

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    This week BMW finally unveiled what we all knew was sadly coming, the FWD only 1 Series platform, but is all hope lost? We discuss the new M135i and what …

    Dumsani simelane

    First, Evolve is dope, great content Imran. Secondly, i think it looks great Imran and in my opinion, finally BMW has gotten very close at building a hot hatch. Let me explain, if anyone wants to know the ingridiants of a hot hatch, take a leap from the golf MK1.

    The Ford fiesta ST is what we could call a hot hatch, the ST too, the golf MK5, in fact Ford and VW are the only manufactures that have kept the hot hatch ingrediants and have built proper hot hatches.

    The m135i/40, the A45, the RS3 etc at least to me are super hatches and not necessarily hot hatches. A hot hatch does not try attain super car figures or try to bit super cars as such.

    Hot hatches are meant for pure pure pure fun. They are also meant to be reasonably low at maintenance practical hatch backs. BMW and the whole lot failed to achieve proper hot hatch ingridiants except for Ford and VW, even then, only with the GTI and not the R version.

    Try maintenance and affordability and practicality with these fast wannabes and they fail dismally, the BMW leading.

    I have one and its loads of perfomance, but try fitting 4 grown adults inside, watch the fuel gauge, look at service costs, all these A45s RSs and R cars fail the hot hat hatch category, lets call then super hatches because they are not hot hatches.

    Lastly, this F40 only lacks a flattened bottom stirring wheel, that spoiler is dope, the best in the business, you can easily see the aeros immidiately. Its a more practical car and has 4pots giving it a hot hatch ingridiant. I say kudos to BMW for developing a very close car to what we call a hot hatch, remove the AWD and remain with FWD only and there you have it, a proper hot hatch. 300hp is excellent power for a hot hatch. This car will give alm these wannabe super car beaters a run for the money, it is probably going to be the best hatch dynamically. Well done BMW. I hope they provide an alcantara stirring wheel and interior option, especially the seats, or they will have that for the LCI 2 where i hope a flattened bottom wheel will be available.

    For those that think their m135i's and 40i's will go up in value, i dont think they will be as lucky, first its through emotions but logical understanding of how depreciation is initiated in a motor vehicle, so i dont think they will be appreciating, rather depreciation will steadily hit them and not drastically. Thanks for the great content Imran, just my thoughts, greetings from Africa in Eswatini (Swaziland) 🇸🇿

    Qippy’s Channel

    Hey Arshad nice to see you on this space, still very happy with my Evolve Eventuri for M3 E46 and tune, keep up the great work!


    A disappointed Imran 😕


    I hope this is not true

    Ramie 011001

    I have a 135i and I know it’s RWD and has 300hp. This looks like a bmw Ford Focus

    Alistair Holt

    There is no way I would take a M153i over my M140i. Looks disgusting. Sounds horrible. It has truly lost the BMW soul.


    I work in the auto industry in the states and BMW is losing share just due to the competitive nature of the luxury market. There have been periods here in the states where BMW had the biggest discounts on their vehicles than any other manufacturer.

    Reon Lawson

    Absolutely beautiful😎

    steven johnson

    The X2 is still the better looking model hands down! They're reaching a bit with this one!


    After Audi suicide S versins with Diesel engine BmW says I could do better kill the 1 series


    I hate this change. Might as well be just final nail in the BMW coffin. I am BMW owner for almost 20 years. I have not expected that this all will go to shit this fast. Like in the any other Company, Lawyers and bookies made the change to make even more money and to bring cars to retarded people who do not know and do not want to know the difference. All started with electric power steering and no one in the industry wanting to say how shitty it actually is. Even trusted names just avoided speaking how horrible almost all BMW's with electric power steering are, specially in the Comfort mode. How you need to be an idiot to blindly trust it is going to do it's job in the corner while you will never get any valuable information from the steering wheel. Made for the retards. They will not go true the corners fast anyways. Then cars getting heavier and heavier. No More NA engines. Then 3 cylinder engines in the BMW?? 1,5L 3 cylinder? Then This ugly thing? Not only ugly but transversal mounted engine? FWD? This price that is now only explained with high quality materials? No more I6 engine? Short hood/bonnet? Like 10 inches from the wheel arch to the top of the hood/bonnet? Raised back part of a hatchback looking like some far Eastern Econo box? Look at that side shot? Is that an BMW??? Is that a 1 series? Well been counters have said they will be cheaper to make and have more space. They say people want the badge only and performance does not matter. They say it will sell more then 3 series and there is lot of possibility to win over people that are FWD drivers and Econo box drivers to the Company. Well go on then and build KIA's and put BMW badge on them and charge retards millions for it.
    I am not getting it for sure. R.I.P. small and fun RWD BMW. BMW wake up soon or you will lose all of the die hard Fun's. You will soon enough sell only 7 series (a limited numbers as they are), few Cabrios and Coupes and 95% of all of the sale will be 3 cylinder 1 series. But you will be able to sell millions of it. Next step go to the roots and make it 3 wheels version with two cylinders. Who needs more when you have Vegan's approved interior and BMW Badge on the car? BMW Badge and few The Hofmeister kink's does not make an KIA hatchback a BMW. It just makes it expensive hatchback. BMW you should have left FWD to Mini branding you are killing your self. Freely make this shitty 1 series and 2 series Grand Tourers and all other shitty and ugly cars and sell millions but then again not to the people who you have lived from last 60 years. Ultimate Driving machine? Drivers car? You delusional and you will not be able to sell that for much longer BMW. So wake up and separate your self from this market or just finish your change and become Lada.

    amar singh

    The 135i/140i was the only rwd hothatch on the market. It was a way of getting future M/// owners on the BMW performance ladder. Going mainly fwd is a joke

    Richard Vaughn Fraser

    Wouldn’t waste my money on this at all. 🤮


    Couldn't be uglier if it tried

    Mr Creative

    They are reacting to the broader market outside of the performance models. Front wheel drive and XDrive is safer during the winter months and is a big decision maker for people. Emissions means they need to change the type of engines they are using and cabin space is what young families care about more. The 1 series isn’t the bmw benchmark for it’s cars, it’s an entry level car. Although previously the RWD had massive appeal and still does for me, I can see why they have done it. The XDrive system has sold very well and helped others cars in the range have great 0-60 times and excellent traction, if they can have a system that splits or controls power between the front and back, then this could still be a winning formula. The mini engine is a disappointment, they need to offer more. At the moment, the performance models feel like an afterthought and I agree, the M Performance looks terrible – cheap mods, granite carbon worktop effect is a no no. Nothing clever about the design. Let’s see how it reviews though

    D B

    Let’s hope they don’t go any further with the front wheel drive on the other series. Great update as usual 👍🏽

    Fernando Barbosa

    Nice Kia Ceed lookalike

    rob clarke

    So they made an ugly golf R

    Callum Wilson

    It looks horrible… Also no more 6 cylinder. Sad. I hope they keep the FWD/Xdrive stuff to the 1 series and atleast keep the 2 RWD, although i suspect they might change that to sadly. Have a m240 atm and think it's proper fun.

    CallMe Mak

    Personally I think bmw have lost their way. Also will the 1 series come as a 3door option or just a 5door option?

    Sanjay Sanjib

    Why didn’t bmw make the M135i like the new M5 with the option of switching to rear wheel only and put in a more beefy engine. The M135i is probably going to sound like a hairdryer, similar to the new A35.

    Makes sense to keep the standard models front wheel drive.


    Lol. Beaver with teeth!

    Tanvir Hussain

    Bmv should offer a rwd drivetrain bias version

    Tanvir Hussain

    Car looks soooo dead! The driving dynamics r out the window


    I saw the new 7 today for the first time. The grilles are fucking disgusting

    Rob Kirby

    UD Carbon you mean..

    Stanislav Novoselski

    I dont like it !!!!!

    Michal Szlachta

    135i with 4 pots? Hell has frozen….

    Eüro Nasty

    To answer your question as to why I think BMW have gone AWD on this new 135i, it’s without a doubt due to them feeling like their missing out on market share of a very profitable segment of cars. BMW just can’t stand not having something to offer in every random segment of the market…however tiny/niche that segment may be. In fact, that’s why I left BMW. By putting out a flavor for every type of driver vs sticking to their guns and putting out models for their loyalists and enthusiasts showed me that they lost their confidence (their balls) and did indeed lose their way. Take a look at their 3 series over the past 10 years and notice how many different models/sub-models of that body style they put out. It’s absolutely ridiculous seeing how many variations of the 3 series they were producing around the same time just so they’d appeal to everyone. That doesn’t scream confidence to put it politely. It just says they’re willing to make whatever cars they think might sell just so it puts one more BMW badge on the road. it’s FAR from its roots of being the ultimate driving machine.


    Agreed with pretty much everything you mentioned Imran. The grill reminds me of Hitler's moustache, but I also like the analogy you used too! I hate how they made it too big because the upper 1/4 of the kidney grill is fake. Did you say near the end of the video that the 2 series coupe is rumoured to not be on the same UKL platform as the 1 series and 2 series coupe? Hope so. If we won't see a next generation M2 Competition and if BMW won't release the rumoured G80 M3 'Pure' with its RWD+manual combination, i'm not sure if I would have any faith left with the brand. I'm sure the xDrive system is great on your M5 as you can have RWD mode but personally, I think it would cost BMW less to make a RWD car +keep the weight down, and be more simple too to work on. Bye bye 50:50 weight distribution too.

    Brad Collins

    I suspect that nobody that bought a 116i to 125i knew or cared. But every single M135i or M140i owner cared that the old car had an i6 and rwd. I do wonder where those owners will go next? RS3, A45, M340i?


    Its a sad day when bmw seemed to have copied Mercedes a35.

    mixed 1

    Pure ugly

    ian mulley

    Well that’s disappointing on every level. Loving the BMW news videos though

    richard trow

    The reason I bought my M135i is because it was rear wheel drive pocket rocket!!! So will stick to that I think , your usual good informative video cheers 👍 are you going over to Bimmerfest, a couple of us travel over tomorrow.

    Umar Mahmood

    Hi Imran, just a quick question did you always have a dream of opening evolve?
    Did you train as a mechanic?

    Owen Beattie

    My god how modern BMW’s have generally speaking gotten more and more ugly as the years have progressed!

    All downhill from the E38, E39, E46 generation! These were BMW’s golden years I believe!


    It is as if they have gone out looked at Audi, Merc, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Pug? lol…..and thought hang on a minute lets just nick some of their "styling" ideas and f**k up the 1 series……………


    I do not like the forged carbon fiber. It would have to be easier to produce and cheaper It has no pattern.

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