Wednesday, March 29, 2023

BMW News & Rumours – The new M8 Competition is here! 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo 4WD Super Coupe

Main BMW News & Rumours – The new M8 Competition is here! 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo 4WD Super Coupe

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    BMW have teased us for awhile now, but now the F92 M8 Competition is finally here! We take a deep look at the F90 M5’s new stablemate, what it shares with …

    Christian Andolini

    F90 is the beautiest bimmer ever made

    Ken Grand

    So bmw basically ditched the m6

    Family Munchies

    It’s really funny how a heard exactly the words from CAR WOW !!! Your copying the words from other reviewers and you don’t have clue what your talking about you might a tuning garage that dose not make you a BMW engineer or there spokes man

    You Like Cars

    In my opinion the M8 looks the fake Chinese copy of M6!

    Tha Reepah

    You said the m6 should be slightly faster but I'm guessing you meant m8 😅


    They are quite a spectacular pair of spectacles, sir! Car is hawt as well.

    Grand Madness

    Can’t understand why your channel doesn’t have more followers. Your knowledge and views on the BMW brand, and of course your understanding of there tuning potential in my opinion is second to none. Keep up the good work


    No match against the Merc interior


    i think bmw missed a trick with the styling, i.e. what we saw with the m8 gc concept

    Awais Ali

    Sexiest car ever

    Fatah Nasreddine

    The best channel for Bimmers I've ever seen. Thank you Imran thump's up


    Are you getting one?

    Mr. Eurocarturboit

    If only it had a manual.


    Anything bigger than M2 is a porky pig 🐷

    Darren Boston

    The M8 should have 800bhp when it leaves the factory then once fettled 1000bhp!👍

    Umar Mahmood

    German muscle 💪

    Dennis B

    I have cleaned my glass's and still i'm seeing a mustang.


    If only the M8 looked as good as the concept. It looks pretty tame but I guess that gives scope for modding 🙂

    Sambos Tyres


    Mr Creative

    Yeah but, was the M8 BMW advert filmed in Sardinia Italy? 90% sure I have driven that road. Also, someone doing a back to back review of a second hand 30k M6 vs a £130k M8 – hard choice. These things depreciate like bricks.

    Robert Mario

    The M Performnace Parts are more of a grey, black whould look better

    Runway runner

    I feel like the concept gc m8 is still going to get released, it looks like its a competitior for the upcoming gt73 hybrid

    Boydie Dj

    Looks amazing. Serious money though. £125k is a hell of a lot. Cars seem to be rocketing in value now, I’m guessing due to the popularity in monthly payment lease options!! But what a car though

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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