Friday, March 24, 2023

BMW X5M review – will it pass my 7 USA challenges?

Main BMW X5M review – will it pass my 7 USA challenges?

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    This is the BMW X5M Competition! This absolutely colossal SUV is built in America, and Mat thought there would be no better way to review it than to put it …


    X5M or X6M – which would you choose? Let us know BELOW!

    Zack J

    Lol yes gas is cheap now but it wasn’t cheap last year.
    Here in DC it was actually $4 for just 87


    I think we need more reviews like this

    Thomas Shuman

    Did Matt decide to try freedom for a week? Too bad if he says something wrong, the bobbies will be waiting for him when he gets home. #BILLOFRIGHTS

    MR CAR

    Will the car catch Covid-19? 🤔

    Gabriel Mulamba

    3:34 someone please make that a meme

    Tim Franz

    God it's such a beautiful car

    Bobby Poly

    You'll have to do better to become a cowboy😂 fail fail fail!


    4:30 this is why I watch mat 😂😭

    gfn a

    What is this video… 😕?

    Lorenzo Longo

    Matt how were you able to go to America?

    Ryan Ristau

    The English/cowboy combo accent was the most… unnatural thing I’ve ever heard LOL


    Wait, they don’t have drive through banks in the UK!??

    milos raicevic

    I choose ((((((( 👉Audi-RSQ8👈 ))))))) !!!

    T am ara Wij

    Mat should do more vlogs like this.


    Loll Americans are actually so lazy they have automatic cars! Drive thrus for the bank! What

    Yunus Kahraman

    Wow, im shocked that a school shooting wasnt on that list

    Estanislao Garcia

    Please review caterdam 7 matt

    Kabelo Tshiloane

    You guys even have restrictions on cutlery.. how's that going, has it completely stopped crime or criminals continue to find alternative tools to harm others?


    This video took way too long to make……

    Itz Lks

    How are you allowed to travel during corona?

    Subhadramma M

    2020 audi A8l review pla

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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