Wednesday, March 29, 2023

BoostedBoiz Tear Up The Track At Street Tuner Mayhem! (Hold On To Your Hats!)

Main BoostedBoiz Tear Up The Track At Street Tuner Mayhem! (Hold On To Your Hats!)

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    Clerval Daniels

    kyle you one mean ass driver bro!!!I like how you missed the red civic as a competitor

    dizzy rider

    Emilio dude. A new built motor running 12 and still works after it. No shame in that

    Derek g

    So crazy that his car is 340 hp all motor and itls running 10 and some other cars have double hp snd dont run that


    should’ve known. they’re like 3 years old


    Honda is life💘 driving a civic myself and will never change again😊

    Davis King

    That front wheel drive life is going to seem silly when you get the MR2 done and have enough traction to put the power down for sure. Do a quick swap and throw the Prelude power plant into it before the next track day so you can get that 9.

    dizzy rider

    I'm stoked Kyle won, but I'm still not sure how a 10.08 beats a 10.02. Am I being really dumb!




    "It felt good once it went in" Emilio 2k19 😂

    Matt Bradley

    Dam love these long videos with the BOIZ but my boss is gonna hate them I knew I shouldn't have started watching before I left for work lol

    Jimmy T – SRT4

    Wouldent mind seeing more srt4 content. Like with all those srt4's aligned up like that I will u went buy there engine bay. Have a quick interview and ask whats been done and how much power it makes.

    Arto 121

    Where is the civiccccccc ?


    Like a glove

    LittleMoreLow 400ex

    Awesome video love the hour long video!! Congrats to phong! And damn what a race against the blue subie… damn

    LilB Onbeat

    Great vid. Did watch the hole video. Now again for the times i blinkt 🤣

    The Mizenheimer channel

    Good driving man

    Randy Burch

    Time for some beadlocks! Got lucky this time! When you can get 1st and 2nd to hook you'll be close to 160 mph, dont want this to happen again! Learn from this and get some beadlocks!


    Fuck yeah! 50 min video!

    baked bud

    Brent is legit one of the most excited car guy and friend. He was soo fucking happy about that 10 sec pass

    Jack Verhage

    That intro was 🔥🔥

    World Wide Gaming Productions

    What happened to vicky?


    Hondru 😂😂

    Sean Gallagher

    Fwd lyfe


    50 minute video yes please

    brady rines

    Great Video

    grim reaper karting

    That looked like a really fun day glad ur ok after that blow out man 👊🏽

    Last Man Standing

    Wait… @33:19 when you changed the slicks out and spined the wheel to do a visual check_ the wheel barely even turned(spined). Hard to tell from watching on my phone, but was something restricting it from spinning more freely? Brakes? Wheel bearings?


    More sauce please….

    Anthony Lopez

    Man what a video boiz
    You out did yourself this time
    Dope af 🤘🏼💯


    "Umm but it felt good once it went in ya know" (c) Emilio

    kert belgrave

    Gr8t performances guys. Kyle you're losing time through your chasis and wheels, they need sorting. Emilio you need a race box or at least a gear set for that subby box. Gr8t job nevertheless, enjoyed the vid!! Phong for the win!!

    Silver Stacker

    Dame my Hart whent in my mouth when that slick whent pop glad your safe ….The loud is a beast so close to that 9….UK England

    Tobias Reyez

    I'm lucky if my car hits 80 mph.. Fucking 1.0 cars..

    Los Sharko

    Oh mann! I can watch this 10 Times. Thank you Kyle n' Emilio. Thank you boostedboiz!

    Westie 4AGE Turbo.

    Buy new slicks!! Then the 9!


    hey fellow boosted boiz fans!! they suck, but to help kyle get new slicks… watch ALL the ads… muted, look at another tab, whatever, but watch… love the long videos, kyle… seriously

    ryan mcintyre

    is that chick Brent hangs out with like his daughter or something?


    Imagine the prelude on new sticky ass tyres hell yeah kyle that thing was boogyin down the track kept it safe at 150 crazy


    lmao I thought it was JayzTwoCents for a second, this is the alternate universe where he drag races instead of building pcs

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