Thursday, March 23, 2023

Breaking In The AWD Dyno With Hondaru!

Main Breaking In The AWD Dyno With Hondaru!

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    Zachary Burrows

    Why does it still have that iconic wrx sound, or am I crazy? 😂😂


    That intake manifold sucks… Jk


    U shouldn't be using that shitty timing chain cover🤣


    I've always wandered what PFI stands for. Does anyone know?

    1990cb7 Honda

    Uhhhh u always lube all parts when assembling no question

    Daniel Krieger

    I would have ground the studs down. Not ruin the rigidity of my oil pump housing.

    John Conner

    Well what had happened was


    didnt you and Hayden make a bet on whose racecar will be finished first? I need to go back and see what exactly the bet was

    Ken Tremendous

    I never thought about it until now, but that car is better bc you don’t need to take the entire engine of out to change a head gasket lmaO

    Skype Wc

    1:43 i honestly thought it was gonna go over the dyno😂😂😂


    You put the chain on backwards

    Naylor Family

    Make flexfit hats and I’ll buy some. Sweet hats just hate snap backs


    I’ve got the super rare blo-jay manifold for my twin wiener setup


    I'm still mind blown you didnt replace the lower guide or the too guide….. I make nowhere near as much money as you do and I could afford to do it on my k series motor I did for my integra……


    The load is too high

    cain sample

    I hope goofy comes in and figures out the dyno….that would be rad ✌

    Robert Irons

    If I had an ep3 Honda w k20 and was willing to give away to a good home would anybody want it?


    Did i just watch phong just torque something to spec by hand?
    This man is truely a legend!


    Would you be interested in a 90-93 accord wagon build?

    ١٢٣ J

    Goofy is gonna find the solution!


    Hey guys, can anybody answer me why he has 8 chain links between both gear instead of Normally 7????


    Go to a allwheeldrive dyno that works and calibrated n see the difference of hp it off by then start there adjusting settings idk


    Omg I said oh fu#@

    Edens Tuning

    If you need help with your Mustang, let me know. I have been tuning on mine for 3 years now. There is a learning curve but once you get past that hurdle its not bad.

    Brian Bucar

    double check that your crankshaft spins freely (before all those covers go on) and that your sealing surfaces on the bedplate are straight. when you weld on aluminum engines, it can move around from the localized heat stress.

    Trll Chris

    She wants to jump

    Dylan Keeble

    Where's the turbo shopping cart

    K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    Keep at it Shane, you'll get it bro!


    Diy wheel alignment- 1. Tie string to two jacks. 2. Measure string 1in away from both rim edges. Done.


    those glass are thick boi

    D24 The JackaL

    Dude with the glasses see that monitor 3D with those telescope

    jackal lancer

    What website you use to buy ur engines such as the kseries

    Jose Rotary

    Boostedboiz pfi rocks, your builds are better and better every day, Kyle my advice to you guys is to clean up that oil as soon as possible because all those chemicals in there if a spark or anything happens you guys could be with an out of control fire, just saying, trying to look out for my boys.💯👍👍👍

    Ryan Kosanke

    Thanks for all the entertainment!! I hope u guys exceed in whatever ur dreams are! I check everyday for more videos and I learn so much from u guys! Thanks for all you do!! Seriously!!

    Scott Grimsey

    Where did you learn to weld?

    Ian Taylor

    Pump all that oil out of the pit and burn it to heat the shop in the winter 🤷‍♂️

    Andrew P

    Now you guys have two dynos that read bullshit numbers.


    ….should have cut those bolts shorter rather than take off "extra" aluminum from the oil pump

    Rollin Roth

    That mudflap is inches away from being sucked into the dyno haha

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 50 total)
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