Saturday, March 25, 2023

BRINGING HOME MY NEW 2020 DURAMAX!!! First Drive + 12" Lifted LLY Size Comparison!

Main BRINGING HOME MY NEW 2020 DURAMAX!!! First Drive + 12" Lifted LLY Size Comparison!

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    OUR 2020 GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 Spent at is worth 2 entries!!! SUBSCRIBE TODAY SO I CAN BEAT PEWDIEPIE TO …


    My girlfriend just got a 2020 AT4 came with 37s on a 3inch lift Rancho shocks all ready took it off road and crash the front hitting a deer… kinda had it coming with no light bar.

    Mark Padilla

    How much was it after tax?

    Michael snodgrass

    Just call the lly THE 05, like Greg A 's cummins.

    Got Dang 47

    He said, "well in the south". Lmao. Really round here average is 6-8" from personal experience. 12+ is fucking ridiculous for a daily lmao

    Austin Kienitz

    Bro those mirrors ☠☠☠☠☠🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


    Not even 2.5 minutes into the video and YouTube is already shoving an ad down my throat

    Johnny Blaze

    It's so quite


    The new 2500's are growing on me but I can't wait to see what Mike's looks like with a lift and bigger wheels. Also Mike has the best neighbor!

    Travis Hartley


    Harrison Hays

    Ford has a split mirror since like 99 lmao

    Flying Dumplings

    That’s nice truck

    Si Awebo

    dpf delete asap recommended from me

    hunter davidson

    Those mirrors are so ugly what was Chevy thinking

    bo duke

    Wait… Is this just a regular new truck or is this a custom ordered 2020 Duramax??

    Straight Piped 99

    It’s not a 10 speed Alison it’s a 10 speed gm transmission that’s branded as an Alison

    Jared Champagne

    I’m amazed you didnt get a fully loaded one, seeing as how you spend $200,000 on cars on the regular, figured you’d get the most tricked out pickup! Lmao

    Chris Lindbeck

    Buys a brand new truck, gets the bitch sized short bed.

    Log Home

    Does it run HOT ?

    MCFish Nuggets

    “Used chipotle”


    Ford has done the spilt mirror since 1999. I'm curious if the ram trucks have it too I'm not sure


    17+ super duty came out: I loved it
    New body style Ram came out: Not a Dodge fan but it looks good
    2018 Chevy came out: I liked it
    The 2020 Chevy looks horrible and I'll always say that

    The Engine Point

    mike please fix the winch line on the OG, its killling me XD

    blake d

    Delete the truck


    Why didnt you spec out a black bumper/grill trim package!???


    Truck looks like an upside down face or down syndrome. Which is why I have the GMC Sierra 2500 SLT on order.

    Midwest Trains

    What an ugly piece of junk!


    It’s “ugly truck pick up day”.

    Man Vs Machine 727

    Nice truck!

    Brock Slump

    Next truck a zr2?

    Gerald May

    Lol funny how if gavin does it this guy does it lmao little yuppie boi 😂😂😂 gavin AKA ITSJUSTA6 just did this. Like literally. So what you stock gis videos to gwt ideas for your own?? We all no what a duramax is….poor mans truck

    Kenneth 03

    I will never get used to it I hate the front end and the mirrors but congrats on the new truck

    Mason cu

    What's with all the scratches on the OG dmax

    Ricardo Morales

    Jesus! looks like you can tow your house! LOL Nice! & Congrats! But Yes the stock rims & tires gonna have to hibernate in your garage! lol


    Love this truck!!!

    next big thing

    This dude acts like he never bought a new vehicle. He bought what 3-4 this past year🤦🏼‍♂️

    Miami u u miami

    Good for you bruh

    Bankrolls Only

    what happened to the other bulldog


    Next video “Why I am selling my new Duramax”

    Michael Grennek

    You should reach out to Banks performance to team up with them on this truck!

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