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    I’m officially a bro! the f250 rips now, big thanks to loxdce for the hookup! get your posters here! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Hannes quill

    Bro whats wrong with ur hat 😳

    Mitchell Dasovich

    Marcus looks middle eastern with that beard lmao

    Alexander Helton

    -Buys diesel…

    -Deleted & tuned (otherwise stock)
    *OMG rACeTrOcK!


    So glad you liked the painting Chris! 🙂

    Mason Ring

    oh and that’s how they shift when they do burnouts🥴 unless you use the manual mode🤷‍♂️ put it in low and use the buttons to shift

    Mason Ring

    jus don’t put it on tune five all the time cuz eventually you’ll say bye to ms. trans


    yoo just got back from space, haven't seen shitstain …wadd uppers

    VI7T :

    How many days since Marcus no injury??

    Bryan Denis

    U should race cletus with the cummins galaxie

    Pablo Calderin

    Rudnik reads at a 3rd grade level lol

    James Cook Jr.

    The race jack in the gulf truck is way to heavy 😊

    Anthony Novelli

    can we get a cat update

    David Bramhall

    I started watching your videos again, now my car has Rod knock

    Bruce Wayne

    Tune will be off by next week.

    Kenny Hotz69

    Really nice of Courtney to get back together with you for this video.

    Brandon Anketell

    You answered my question once in a video before but whats the tire specs on the e36. I don't remember


    Just buy new tires you cheap fuck!

    Alek Pratt

    Get a full 5 inch

    Vinnie Paniccia

    Traction control?

    Patrick Dionne


    Tyler Miller

    All these clowns that know nothing about how diesels work are killin me 😂 my 12 6.7 got 22 mpg when driving around like a normal human on the hottest tune. But when you dip your foot into the throttle it obviously uses a shit ton more fuel. But that’s literally any car.

    Chris Shelby

    also be careful doing burnouts and pulls in that truck. the trans heats up pretty quick.

    Chris Shelby

    we deadass got the same vape but im running 0mg now cause FAWK nictotine

    Joey Ries

    Transplant Neck. Lol.


    Marcus is gonna swap a sr20

    Logan Thompson

    Do the world a favor and take that gay ass topper off

    austin coutu

    How would you feel about getting smoked by a 7 thousand pound truck? Idk never happened never will lmfao!! Dudes my spirit animal.


    You go into the settings to unlock the feature to roll windows down. I use it all the time on my 2013 6.7

    Devon Farmer

    Next time you go to Mexico, go to Cuba instead

    Adam Burchett

    Courtney needs a BBC

    Adam Burchett

    So Courtney finally wised up and kicked this guy to the curb

    racered focusst

    PROPANE!! And smoke the tdi. Propane is for diesel like nos is for gas.

    Open the Light AUA

    Love it when Jack and Marcus is on the channel. #wemissscumberto

    Adam Mathews

    Voopoo drag v1. Nice vape lol.

    RPF Garage

    ill race ya in my 6 liter 😀 ah and youll get better fuel mileage on your race tune then any other tune as long as you dont have a lead foot trust me i daily on my race tune and i get great gas mileage i switch to a different tune and it goes down 5mpgs


    You need to u plug the abs sensor to get a roiling burnout in those trucks and if u didn’t do an intake yea you should do and Intake an full 5in

    Derek Lawson

    I used to be the same way in my f350 when I got it. I used to wash it every week and detail it. Then I started modding it alittle and now I really drive my truck. Not sure what you pay for that one probably more then me, I pay 495 a month and it does sick burnouts haha mostly when I am getting new tires as well though because 35 mts get expensive.

    Daniel Duncan

    5he truck

    James Roberson

    Lol now y’all both gotta race Cleetus’ diesel galaxy

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