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Brothers bond over co-owned 1972 Chevy C3 Corvette | Why I Drive #20

Main Brothers bond over co-owned 1972 Chevy C3 Corvette | Why I Drive #20

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    Brothers JJ and Pierre Petersen realized at an early age they could do and experience more in life if they started sharing. And what better to share than some …


    How do i add to this? I've got a CUCV I'd love to throw into this mix.

    Steve Smith

    Old vetts just have soul…. it's something you fall in love with… a car guy will get it….πŸ‘

    Notime ForFakeNews

    That's an awesome story.
    Drive, Drive, Drive.
    No trailer queens needed.

    Just say no to self driving vehicles.
    Only experience drivers need apply.
    Nothing like the muscle car experience, the newer versions make the old ones that much more enjoyable.

    Steve S

    love C3's.Β  great video.Β  nice that you can share a similar interest with someone close.Β  CorvetteBen has several videos on fixing the vacuum headlights…its not hard, I did mine.Β  don't be tempted to do one of the electric 'upgrades'.

    garett broenner

    Love this video. I own a C3 and love it for the same reason these two brothers love there C3. There is a connection that you get when driving a old car that no new car can give you friends.

    Kirk Endicott

    fix the vacumn lines

    Bull Durham

    Fix the headlights

    Mark G.

    I most totally and completely GET IT!

    Mike Fifer

    Cool is Cool and Fun is Fun.

    Tom Palcie

    The headlight actuators need rebuilding or replacing. They're not holding vacuum. It's not too hard of a fix. Go to Corvette Ben on YouTube. He has lots of Corvette fix it videos

    David Baker

    You can fix those front headlights you know!

    Nicolas Berchoux

    I don’t Know why but i love yellow cars. That’s why i have two of my own (2002 mx5 & 1971 alfa Giulia) but the stingray is one of my Dreams πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    David Comeau

    My absolute fav Corvette!!!

    Essie Tangle

    Great story guys.


    Probably the best description of why we drive classic cars. They shake, they rattle, they have little quirks about them that make them more unique that new cars. It's their personalities breaking through.


    lindo ne 😍😍😍😍

    Jeff Singer

    Uhhhhhhhh……love the car but fix the freaking headlights so the close when the lights are off. Mmmm ok.

    Harley Robertson

    C5 vette is the prettiest corvette, just sooo sexy
    C1 is nice and is a great looking classic
    C2 vette is soo classic, so beautiful just amazing
    C3 is too brash, it's a nice looking vette just not really worth fawning over. 80s C3 is early 80s goodness though
    C4 vette has become dated and hated
    C6 was just badly built
    C7 is just a re hash of the C3. But does bring the vette up to date
    C8 vette, well, we'll have to see about that


    Seeing a C3 in this scenery reminds me of the movie 'The Wraith'.

    Giorgio Brewing

    The C3 is the most beautiful Corvette of all times to me 😍

    FTBY59 Mike D

    Good for them. I lost my younger brother a few years ago, but at least we got to bond over a few road trips as well. Nothing like the open road to put things in perspective. Thanks.

    Nick Turner

    Everyone, everywhere is a "global citizen", nothing special about JJ and Pierre having European parents.

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